May 8, 2006

Plugging into World Wide Art Resources as artist


Interesting to note:

With a Premiere Portfolio account, daily uploading means "hits" or clicks by viewers at to view your art page.  On the homepage of the site visitors can access a link to "Newest Works" from the "artist portfolios" button.  This is were the following hits were generated, besides any "featured" art counts (one of my works was featured 3 times).

This shows traffic can be generated to one's portfolio by active uploading of new works.  Over 8 days I uploaded just over 100 jpegs.

I did this exercise to compare hit rates with active uploading of new works versus the site's homepage banner placement which I just contracted for for the year.  The banner promotional program starts May 10th.  I also did the regular daily uploading to build enough of a collectic representation of my involvement and dedication to art over the past two and a half decades.


after Banner ad starts, not much difference; 3000+ comes with incessant uploading yet.



My World Wide Art Resources portfolio