1. Roof repair includin some trusses
2. pastering inside and out
3. external and internal painting
4. refurbishing flooring, 8600 sq ft
5. lighting for art (place is dark)
6. heating costs for 8600
7. fixing stage area, curtains
8. deli incomplete
9. loan probably will require 30% down and fix the roof first (like Kim's mortgage connection already stated)
10.landscaping parking lot area
11. building insurance
12. liability insurance
13. tenants management and complaints
14. electrical repairs/renovation
15. plumbing repairs/renovation/additions
16. architect fees, drawings, permits
17. down time between mortgage activation and tenant occupancy (period of vacancy for repairs and renovation)
18. collaboration with town help from afar
19. no security, property theft/burgulery, vandalism
20. night lighting of parking lot and building
21. building management
22. establishing gallery/museum after renovation; management, leadership
23. condition of lift, repairs, insurance, liability
24. utilities costs just to light and heat the building
25. drainage
26. fire alarms, fire escape system
27. Oregon laws governing all of the above
28. property management
29. marketing and advertising
30. traveling back and forth to pull things together at $900 a trip (fare, time, sleep over, commute Eugene to CG and back to airport)

31. endless money sinkhole to restore, maintain