Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 9:40 PM
Subject: Request a TERM

cyberart, cyberists, webist, Pixelism, cyberpaintings

I have been fostering the concept of a unique new art form developing
strictly on the interent. I am webmaster of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum at Personal credentials include a Ph.D. in aesthetic

I humbly submit the following terms for your database inclusion-

"cyberart" - digital art created FOR the Internet global community, art
indigenous toIinternet Cyberculture.

reference -

"cyberartist"- digital artist creating works solely for uploading to
Internet Web sites; usually includes networking with other art sites and
supportive cyberartists, for example the Cyberart Ring.

"webist" - analogous to "cyberartist"


"Pixelism" - fine art that glorified the pixel or "jaggies" as integral to
formal visual content of the work of art; Pygoya (aka Dr. Rodney Chang,
series: 1985-1996)


"Cyberpaintings"- early form (late 20th Century) cyberart, large oil on
canvas painting based on digital design by Pygoya (aka as Dr. Rodney Chang);
unveiled at Noho Nishi Gallery, NY, NY; Las Vegas Art Museum, 1990;
Siggraph, Texas, 1990.


I do hope the your editors share the passion I have for NEW art emerging
from the Internet and thereby include in Webopedia the recognition of
emerging virtual visual culture.

Rodney "Pygoya" Chang,BA, MA, MA, MSEd, PhD




Subject: RE: Request a TERM
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 09:19:42 -0400
From: Christopher Pace <>
To: pygoya

Thank you for submitting a term for inclusion in Webopedia. Your submission
will be reviewed by our editorial staff and may be included in Webopedia at
a future date. Please note that not all submissions will be researched and
included. Thanks for using Webopedia and for suggesting your term.