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Pygoya, October 2003

1. Creates art using any medium to share primarily online and thereby contribute to and expand Cyberculture.

2. Contribute digital art, as a product of the same technology that makes the Internet a reality, as the main source for global cyberculture.

3. Network artists together with the mission of building Web visual arts culture.

4. Promote a sense of the peace through friendship without barriers and expand global consciousness.

5. Identify this new specialized form and application of digital art/graphics (monitor size presentation, what- you-see on screen is the 'original' work of art, web page/site environment for the imagery, inclusion even of mixed media elements through high tech tools).

6. Demonstrate the existence of identifiable personal styles among the developed digital artists.

7. Recognize those artists that deserve the world's recognition for excellence within their chosen medium, even if not yet so by the traditional art establishment/market and their critics.

8. Declare the ephemeral digital online image as the original work of art and any print or painting derived from the digital as a copy or 'reproduction;' assists others to realize photographed or scanned painting and sculptures are merely digital 'reproductions,' even at prestigious museum web sites.

9. Organize exhibitions online to showcase talent of the artists and the expressive and cognitive statements the works themselves generate.

10.Document the activities of the Webists as they unite to form a new worldwide -ism in Art; record their existence and passing for traditional hsitorians to discover thereafter.

11. Organize off line exhibits to expand the awareness of more people (both lay public and art institutions) of different regions and cultures of the world of the existence of the Webist movement.

12. Assist off line digital artists in the acceptance of their art tools as a legitimate fine arts medium.

13. Distinguish for the public the differences in meaning of "graphic artist," "digital artist, "cyberartist," and "Webist."

14. Create opportunities where Webists can physically meet each other, outside of cyberspace and the limitation of email.

15. Create and promote an identity of a new group of artists with such common goals as a historic art movement, here conceived and materialized through the new communication modality of the World Wide Web.

16. Educate through awareness, the next generation in the schools, of the new generation of digital art available a click away on their computers; try to teach the ethic of not stealing online copyrighted works of art.

17. Promote the marketability of signed limited edition prints as worthy commodities to help support Web artists efforts online.

To join or for information - Ingrid Kamerbeek