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This is not your average art Web site. It's now over 300MB and growing daily. It continues to expand through the enthusiasm of both the visitors and the staff for new digital art on the Web and presenting it in a creative if not idiosyncratic manner. Sure it would be easier to have created a format for the art content that unfolds from your monitor like a slick corporate brochure. You've been there, whole site transparent at a glance, no surprises, just dryly informational. Like just about all the other well endowed museums who paid big bucks to professional Web site companies to put together their very official , no nonsense, "web presence". Well, when you're "last place".com you can afford to dare to




In the real world we hate to be led by the hand, told not to digress from a trail, instructed to stay within the ropes, ordered to follow the directions exactly.. We yearn to explore, be free to make mistakes, get surprised, wander and get lost, play mind games, figure things out by ourselves. For those who venture beyond traditional boundaries lies discovery that only a select few will find. In such a spirit is this Web site created. Heavens forbid if everything was accessible to everybody in a certain predictable and statistical browsing time! Instead here we cater to creative souls who wish to make their own intuitive way about, "getting lost" in the process of personal discovery and the experiencing of art. Of course for the less adventurous who prefer strict navigation guidelines with clarity and simplicity, there's our friendly Navigational Site Attendants standing by to serve you.



Parting words- Don't be afraid to "get lost" in the maze that is the results of uncontrolled yet growing ramifications of interactive artistic minds. This site is of monstrous proportions. But not to fear - remember brave hearts, if hopelessly lost, just go to your browser's section where the url is displayed and delete (backkey) until it's just

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Not all those who wander are lost. J.R.R. Tolkien

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BESIDES, how many outings or days would it take to visit 5 art
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A Web site designer visitor's comments-

Actually, I kind of like the thought behind that - burrowing into the site and having pleasant suprises jumping out at you along the way. I'm not particularly fond of the complacent surfer types either , but I do like things kind of precise and ordered. Maybe a shrink would label me an anal-retentive. "Jim"

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