Rodney Chang


Waikiki Beach Press

November 16-22, 1987


Computer creations as high art - it's a concept that's emerged from the experimental stage, coming into its own. Ironically, in a state better known for seascape and floral art, Hawaii is home to an artist at the forefront of computer art directions.

Traditional computer graphics efforts have generally involved use of computer power to imitate the hand drawn and painted look.

Now, in what Dr. Rodney Chang says is the development of a "mature" style on computer, he and the Hawaii Computer Art Group have reversed the relationship between computer graphics and traditional handmade art by creating original paintings that simulate machine generated images. HCAG produces "hard copies" of original work designed on the computer by Chang.

Through a return to painting, computer images can be magnified in a scale far beyond the size of computer printer capabilities. Resolution (clarity) problems with computer images, comprising numerous pixels, or squares, can then be deleted with the paintbrush or exaggerated to show its machine source. There is a constant danger of losing the computer look during the process of converting the graphic image into a painting.

Chang's latest body of six works, showing the versatility of his expression and the power of the computer, includes images inspired by Matisse and Picasso, the flow of carps feeding, Chinese calligraphy and the night life of Waikiki.

The works comprise "The Noho Series," named after the area of New York City, where the works will be exhibited, at the Nishi Noho Gallery, beginning November 17.

Chang's creativity has reaped national recognition over the past eight years, since initiating a discotheque "art installation and environment" in his dental office in 1979. The "human environment," he believed, would help allay fears provoked by a trip to the dentist.

This successful project is a demonstration of his self-directed holistic approach to life education. He holds 10 college degrees toward this aim, including M.A.s in painting and psychology, a D.D.S. in dentistry and Ph.D. in art psychology.

To further encourage experimental art in Hawaii, Chang has founded and directs Honolulu's alternative space, SOHO too Gallery & Loft. Chang lives in the upstairs loft space in what he refers to as his "computerized art studio."

Following his New York show, Chang will be traveling to the People's Republic of China, where he has been invited to present his works in three major cities, as well as conduct a workshop in computer art.


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