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Press the "Reload" button
on your browser
once or twice to begin downloading the VRML gallery after this page completes loading.

Best to experience the galleries with the "Wide Angle" option of the "View" menu
of Virtus Player's top tool bar.


When you are finished viewing the VRML gallery,
Close VPlayer and press the "BACK" button on your browser
or return to
Elevator Control Panel.


Selecting "Full Screen" will cause the lost of the lower tool bar of navigational directional arrows so don't use it. Virtus tech support wrote "Space bar is used in Full Screen to access menu options while ESC will terminate the Full Screen session". Experience will show that navigation is crude and you will get "lost" just using the mouse and keyboard. To get out of Full Screen (and back to navigational screen tool bars) hit the Space bar and click on "Full Screen". Then click on the "home" icon at the extreme right of the lower navigational bar and you will be back from where you got lost in the black void of Full Screen. Until navigational tools are perfected Full Screen's function is solely to get rid of text for screen capturing and printing.

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