This image map is necessary because the available Virtus browser does not recognize the links of objects in the VRML space constructed with Virtus 3DWebsite Builder, a major disappointment after completion of the project . Virtus tech support said they are "researching" the matter on our behalf (June 1997). In the meantime the approach of providing this image map accesses the links built into this manificent VRML lobby. Try it out and "enjoy the ride"!

Click on chairs 1 through 7 on the left and read Pygoya's axioms of art psychology.

Click on chair 14 (right foreground) for axioms of Cyberart.

Click on chair 13 (second chair from front, right side) for Pygoya's Art Journal

Click on chair 12 (third from front on right side) for Web site's general mission statement

Click in the Elevator and go up to VRML cyberart galleries.

Click on the doorways of Cyberists Hall (aka Cyberhall) and Special Effects Galleries to enter these spaces.

Click the yellow room to enter the Gift Shop of the Webmuseum.

Lastly, click on the sign to see "What's New"