Installing Virtus Player for the Mac

Download the Virtus Player application.

Save the Virtus folder wherever you will conveniently find it on your
hard drive.

Next start the Netscape Application. From the Menu Bar choose OPTIONS

When th HELPERS window opens, scroll down and highlight the description
listed " wsb-world/wsb-vrml ". Next hit the "Edit" button

(**If there is no such description in the list:
hit "New" and type " wsb-world/wsb-vrml " (no quotes) in the window
that appears into both the description field and the mime field.
In the suffix field enter "wsb" and proceed leaving the window open
for the next step...),

Within the new open window, click the Handled by "Application" button on
and hit the "Browse" button next to it. In the window that next opens,
locate the Virtus folder, open and highlight the Virtus Player, hit

Then hit Okay.

Back in the HELPER window now, hit apply and ok. Your preferences have
now been set to use Virtus Player.