El Control Panel





You need the VRML browser plug in Virtus Player (see below)

Click on elevator control panel to the right of the "ELEVATOR" door to select floors.

THEN Select an elevator button. After the file loads, hit the browser's "Reload" button once or more times and the vrml gallery file will start downloading.

Note: All art exhibited in the museum's upper gallery floors (and the rest of the museum) are described and documented in the museum's Permanent Collection Archives

Please download Virtus Player PC now (1.34 MB)
Playermac.sea.hqx for Macintosh users (1.15 MB). The 1.34MB plug- in for Netscape takes approximately 12 minutes to download with a 28.8K modem.

HOW TO INSTALL Virtus Player on your computer- (C'mon, it's easy! You can do it!)

  1. After downloading file, place "player30.exe" in a folder (title it "Player30") by itself.
  2. Double-click the "Player30" folder to open it.
  3. Double-click on "player30.exe" to extract the compressed files. Close this window of listed files by clicking on the upper right corner "X" button.
  4. Double-click the "Setup.exe" file and follow the instructions for installing Virtus Player on your computer.
  5. After Virtus Player is installed on your computer, you need to tell your browser to use it (as a plug in) to view .wsb files:

    For Netscape Navigator 3.0 users:

    1. Go to the "General Preferences" window in the "Options" menu.
    2. Click on the "Helpers" tab.
    3. Click on the "Create New Type" button.
    4. Enter "wsb-world" as Mime Type and "wsb-vrml" as Mime SubType. Click "OK"
    5. In the File Extensions field, enter "wsb"
    6. Make sure "Launch the Application" is selected, then click "Browse" and find the directory in which Virtus Player was installed.
    7. Select "Vplayer.exe" and click "OK" and you're done!

Virtual Reality Guests- AWARD THYSELF!

Feel free to download this badge of accomplishment if you have experienced vrml exhibits
here at the museum.
Haven't and want to? Here's how: Get vrml Netscape Plug-in. To make it easier, download simple instructions to install it into Netscape as your browser:)

Optional: get a special vrml link for this badge by joining as a registered VRML Surfer Club member and get
special benefits!








Site designers' Note: all other signs seen in this snapshot of the virtual reality part of this Website are inoperable. The VRML product by Virtus Corporation, 3D Website Builder, was purchased in good faith and the manual's directions to create the VRML world carefully followed. After 300+ work hours the exciting time to go online finally arrived. It was with great horror to then realize that the proprietary browser for their product did not work "because it did not make it out of the beta version"! Yet the VRML building program's CD and manual had already on the market for months. The browser was not included in the package but had to be downloaded from www.virtus.com. We held out hope that the company must truly still be attempting to provide a browser that works for their marketed "product for the Web" bought by so many consumers, such as us. But after many email SOS pleas NO TECH SUPPORT has yet been created for the product. We now seek any visitor's support in getting Virtus Corporation to seriously respond to the problem and make an effort to help us. Please EMAIL THEM your personal disappointment for the broken links in their VRML program. Imagine if all the sign links in all the VRML buildings as designed here WORKED! So much more fun and realism, a fullfillment of the site designers' dream for all you great art loving travelers out there in Cyberspace. For months we continue to request help from Virtus Corporation but their advice so far has been to just "use Navigator"or their Player (made for another of their VRML products) , acknowledging their defunct VRML browser. The converted .wrl files required for Navigator are visually terrible (textures are lost and color values drastically altered, NO-NOs for art!) and the navigational tools crude. Player is better in these aspects but, shucks, still all sign links within .wsb (Virtus's proprietary VRML file type) remain brain dead. : (