The Classic All Floors Floors 2-7s Floors 8-13 Floors
Floors 20-PH Penthouse & VIP Suite
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Please download free Virtus Player  now (1.34 MB)

see downloading note  and instructions below

Select an elevator button. After the file loads, hit the browser's "Reload" button once or more times and the vrml gallery file will start downloading.

You need the VRML browser plug in Virtus Player-scroll below

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The Classic-the original designed elevator includes all 26 VRML floors of Pygoya Webmuseum's virtual reality art galleries. Of course it has the longest download time but is the most realistic experience.

MIDI files are electronic or digital music, format with the shortest sound file downloading time, therefore popular for Web use. WAV files sound like actual musical instruments but require much larger files to accomodate the increase data to create such complex sounds. WAV files as alternative background music with audio streaming is planned for the future.

The other elevators are the Express Elevators. Each routes to less gallery floors so have quicker download times than the Classic.


For a quick ride to the top and a breath of fresh air or to shortcut to the VIP Suite, the PH & VIP Suite elevator is constructed for your convenience. The PH includes an adjacent added room named the VIP Suite. Therefore the PH file is the same as the PH & VIP file. The selection, VIP Suite in Terminal VRML, is the same PH file but with a different viewer/brower entry position of the 3D space. A VIP Suite not attached to PH is under construction. Such an alternative will shorten downloading time of VIP Suite shows (although it sacrifices a bit of realism- PH & VIP are virtually attached in Cyberspace).


For more information about the works of art than provided within each gallery's "History" room, please go to the Webmuseum's Permanent Art Collection Archive

Please download Virtus Player PC now (1.34 MB). Mac users download Playermac.sea.hqx
The 1.34MB plug- in for Netscape takes approximately 12 minutes to download with a 28.8K modem.

HOW TO INSTALL Virtus Player on your computer- (C'mon, it's easy! You can do it!)

  1. After downloading file, place "player30.exe" in a folder (title it "Player30") by itself.
  2. Double-click the "Player30" folder to open it.
  3. Double-click on "player30.exe" to extract the compressed files. Close this window of listed files by clicking on the upper right corner "X" button.
  4. Double-click the "Setup.exe" file and follow the instructions for installing Virtus Player on your computer.
  5. After Virtus Player is installed on your computer, you need to tell your browser to use it (as a plug in) to view .wsb files:

    For Netscape Navigator 3.0 users:

    1. Go to the "General Preferences" window in the "Options" menu.
    2. Click on the "Helpers" tab.
    3. Click on the "Create New Type" button.
    4. Enter "wsb-world" as Mime Type and "wsb-vrml" as Mime SubType. Click "OK"
    5. In the File Extensions field, enter "wsb"
    6. Make sure "Launch the Application" is selected, then click "Browse" and find the directory in which Virtus Player was installed.
    7. Select "Vplayer.exe" and click "OK" and you're done!