Virtus .wsb vrml files and its Player browser plug-in TIPS by users

Sun, 22 Feb 1998 06:18:18 -0500 (EST)
warren <>

My (Mac) solution: Exit your browzer after r2001.wsb has been downloaded.
Click on r2001.wsb to load it into the Player. Click on an area you want
to go to. Click the fat up-arrow to go forward until you are inside, then
experiment. The procedures are not intuitive, but practice makes... hmn...

>Dear Sirs,
>Sorry but I do not understand how I could have a look at r2001 VR
>Gallery. I received Virtus Player and file WSP. Then I made attempt but I
>can look first page of r2001 VR
>Gallery. I do not know how I could have a look at the pictures. Would you
>like to send me a more detail instruction?
>Thank you in advance.
>Best wishes,
>Catherine Yakovina.

> TC Art Gallery, St. Petersburg.

I'm not sure if you noticed but the VR Gallery is controllable by mouse already now. Just go on the image, keep the mouse button down and you can move forwards, backwards, to the right and to the left. Only up and down I think are not possible with mouse alone. It takes some getting used to but once a person le<rns to move inside the gallery with a mouse, it is definitively the best way to do that. Aleksi Aaltonen, Finland, r2001 WebRing-

Hello again,
I'm sorry to be such a bother but I finally got the file open and I am
in the VRgallery but how to I navigate?? I get flashes of the gallery
then it disappears. All i can see are the four columns. I guess
computers are not my forte. Am I supposed to be in wide angle mode??


Thanks "M"

warren <>

Yes, I found that using the wide angle view helped my orientation.
Navigation, as I stated earlier, is not intuitive. You must experiment and
make a lot of errors until you get a feel for it. Check my posting to
Catherine. If things disappear, simply do the opposite of whatever you did
when the disappearance took place. You'll get the idea.

I am not, incidentally, the VR guru for this list, but merely someone who
stumbled through the various roadblocks until finally getting in.


"Gerald O'Connell" <>

The navigation controls are on the bar at bottom of the Virtus screen.
Try them all out until you get an idea of how to drive the thing before
you try to go anywhere.
Then use the cross-hairs at centre screen to fix on your target (as you
get closer, it becomes easier to aim !). Using up/down and left/right to
aim, get a 'fix', and then home in. Each of the columns has a doorway -
go for those...

It all feels awkward and strange at first, but becomes great fun after
you get your bearings.

If all else fails, try getting a boy aged about 10-12 to help - for some
reason they seem to have a natural aptitude for this kind of

Aleksi Aaltonen <>,,
Seiji Ueoka <>

As you can see, the VR gallery is a big success !
But please remember this, Catherine is a mathematics graduate and a
talented linguist ! Not everybody has her clever mind and skills. It
will be a great shame if we do not create nice simple (and I mean
'simple as in idiot-proof') explanations for people who want to enter
this marvellous new world, but who have difficulty with working out what
to do, even AFTER Rodney's excellent step-by-step stuff.

Can I suggest that you prepare something from the various pieces that
have been contributed in the ML etc. and then send it to me for
editing/simplifying if necessary ? (because I have been distant from
the project, and understand nothing about how VIRTUS works, I am well-
qualified to decide if your advice is clear to a beginner - and no jokes
about using ME to test the concept 'idiot-proof' please !). Then we
could add it to the page in

I am very keen to ensure that your brilliant work can now become
available to the widest possible audience.

(incidentally, is it possible to create high speed 'wormholes' inside
these VR worlds ? It would be nice to be able to jump from one gallery
to another instantly by clicking on 'links' inside each gallery... and
would it be possible to embed a sound-control console option for the
realaudio player WITHIN the .wsb file so that it would pop up in front
at the bootom in the corner like a car stereo ? And while I think of
it, it would be neat to replace the navigation controls with a mouse-
controlled joystick option using Ctrl & Alt for forward and reverse...
or am I just trying to reinvent the Sony Playstation the hard way ???)

pygoya <>

Aleksi Aaltonen wrote:
> Hello "M",
> The file you downloaded at R2001 VR Gallery page should have a name r2001.wsb
> And it should be in the folder you downloaded it. If it doesn't open at Netscape, try opening the Virtus Player and from that open r2001.wsb from the folder where you downloaded it.
> Aleksi
> -----Original Message-----
> From: bs ms <>
> >Hello all,
> >I downloaded vitrus player. I updated the general preferences in
> >Netscape 4 to include wsb. I went to the VRgallery and i recevied an
> >automatic download. I downloaded it. When I open it it asks for a file
> >to open.
> >Can anyone tell me what file i am supposed to open to look at the VR
> >Gallery.
> >Thanks
> >"M"

Dear Aleksi,

It seems the next step to making our vrml gallery a success is to have
members (you, Gerald O'Connor) consolidate all these tips coming in,
into simplified instructions on how to view the gallery with Player.

Sorry,I am terrible; Allan does my tech support and is so busy now with
Graduate School. (He just came by and installed your java applets into
the Theater so wouldn't welcome me asking him for help so soon) "2 tests
coming up soon"

I also recommend if some members have successfully used Player to give
simple instructions for Player installation into browser in
Spanish, Japanese, French and German, Italian. any. This is a good lst
project to utilize the diversity of languages spoken within r2001. This
is their chance to volunteer time and effort.

I hope this all can happen. I too have struggled with getting people to
use Player. "lst generation" vrml problems. If you can

simply in English and get other language translation for the instruction
it would really be valuable for my site too.
Plus it would really enhance r2001 in its perception of a truly
international art ring; we'd be w a y a h e a d of other art rings with
the vrml gallery and several languages represented online. r2001
shouldn't remain just an English world thing.


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Subject: [r2001 00314] VR Gallery

Well I finally figured out how to manipulate the gallery controls. It is
fantastic. Great Work!!! Thanks to all who answered my call for help!
Only one question(Minor thing). Am I correct in assuming that the works
superimposed on the outside of the cubes are not in the "rooms"? If so ,
is it a question of space?

I am thrilled to be part of such a talented group. The works displayed
are truly the finest of Fine Art!!