"Your works show considerable excitement
over the medium of digital art. Your energy
as a retiree is intact, as suggested by the
bright and luminous selection of digital
palettes. There is also the evident
spirituality, rhythms of dance and other Indian
culture, magnified in the presence of your
works. There is also a sense of family unity or
the ideal of achieving such in these
troubled sociological globalized times. You may be
retired but obviously still very young at

Startup graphic programs are obvious your
first adventure into our digital art world. You
are able to express self-ness beyond the
limits of the software. However later I can see
you ascended to higher more powerful tools
and then captured the illusion (not to us
artists of course!) of light, shadow and
surface texture. Keep journeying in this direction
and continue your unfinished tale of Indian
life for us outside this geographical realm,
so mythical to us foreigners. Through your
art continue to visualize your personal vision
of life in India but just as importantly,
one artist's subjective feelings and love for his