Hi everyone,

I'm sure you're all waiting to hear the results of (Uncle)Rod(Dad)'s 19th marathon run in Las Vegas this morning....so, let me tell you since I had the priviledge of talking with our family's marathoner this morning.

First and most importantly, he is feeling great!  The run went exceptionally well!  So well, in fact, that he was surprised to see he was already approaching the Finish Line after running only 2-1/2 hours!  Yup, you read correctly...just 2-1/2 hours!!!  He had been taking pictures along the marathon route and still felt full of energy, so, he was surprised he reached the finish line so soon.


lst place, worth $65,000, was 2 hrs. 16 minutes!



Run dedicated to Roswell, New Mexico by this LOST RUNNER in this SE desert


Well, as it turned out, he unknowingly had followed the "half marathoner" runners! He was too distracted by his picture-taking documentation of the alluring Vegas casinos along the run that he was totally oblivious when he had reached the critical dividing point in the marathon route!


Into the Mega-miles, but got ABDUCTED into an alien parallel dimension (wrong turn nightmare!)


So, the end result: Rod got a certificate for completing a half marathon instead of the whole marathon.  That means he now has 18-1/2 marathons to his credit instead of the 19 he was hoping for.  Does that mean he will be driven to run another marathon after the March 4th 2007 Los Angeles marathon???  Or, will he and Erlinda decide to run the next Las Vegas half marathon together in 2007 in celebration of their 20th wedding anniversary, and, give Rod his desired 20 marathon record???? 

Only time will tell.......................

Alooooooooooooooooha and Happy Holidays to everyone!


16,000 runners, half are hal- marathoners, what 
a mess directing half unto the correct route at the fork
in the road (the downtown glitzy, neon flickering casino
mall, with Christmas music blasting away, all adding 
distraction to the lone volunteer holding up a sign telling
runners which way to go).  I NEVER SAW THIS LONE
FIGURE OR THE SIGN, promise to God! Last year
there was NO halfers but this years the organizers went
for more bucks.  Other marathons have different starting 
tines for the two groups amd/or roped aisles on the street
that physically separate the runners at the fork; like sheparding
stampeding cow or sheep into the correct corrals.  

How about signs after the fork reading "Full Marathoners Go Back - Wrong Way!"



Dec. 12  2006  (email to run organizer)

The most interesting result for me is to know if others full marathoners
like myself erroneously took the half marathon course.  Chip count could
indicate all the non-finishers that disappointedly came to the Finish Line
prematurely. I was soooo disappointed after a year's training and round trip
from Hawaii.
Need to prepare runners for the divergent point in the routes; the casino
and mall was so distracting/exciting that I never did see any sign that I
learned existed after the fact. Place a warning marker on your route map in
the participant's guide and post large signs on two sides of the mall street
and have audio as well as visual indicators at and before the junction.
Other marathons that I participated in had different starting times for each
group or corralled with roped off aisles for the two different groups at the

I hope you inform me I wasn't the only idiot who took the wrong turn.

Dr. Rodney Chang, Honolulu



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Subject: The New Las Vegas Marathon & Half Marathon

> We are aware that our website, www.lvmarathon.com is currently down. We
will be emailing all finishers their results tomorrow.

 Congratulations on your accomplishment!

Consolation prize (2.5 hrs)


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Parting shot - Rodney signs up for the P.F. Chang Phoenix Marathon, scheduled for January 14, 2007 to attempt again completing his 19th marathon. Erlinda will accompany and Verna will manage the kids again. This event is positioned between his logistical failure in LV and the scheduled LA marathon on March 4th where he had planned to complete his 20th (not 19th!) and also visit son Bronson at USC. Making up for LV as such gives motivation for him and brother Clay to continue long training runs through December and the lst week of January.  This is the lst marathon that Rodney will run that has a time limit!!!!  A bus will be at the midpoint to pick up anyone who does not complete that part (13 miles) in 3.5 hours. Stay tuned for results!  And, everybody, "ROCK ON!"

 About the PF Chang Rock 'n' Roll Phoenix Marathon:  http://www.rnraz.com/race_info.html
(70 bands along the route! - but Rod will iPod out with Rochelle's hip hop, reggae (and Disney) stuff.  
Tip: better sounds with United Airlines headset which does plug into iPod port)



Email with race director, Elvis

December 29, 2006

Ok.. Sorry about that... see you next year!!!
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Hi Elvis,
Yes. I assumed "following the crowd" would get me to the finish line for the full marathon. I happened to be on the left side of the street going through the downtown mall, went with the flow at the Four Queens, so ended up going back with the half marathoners. I never saw the person with the sign. As a tourist I don't know the streets. Going through the Christmas decorated with music mall, with the glittering casinos and cheering crowd, vanguished any thoughts of the crucial split at this juncture of the run. Would have saved my run if there were volunteers after the split with signs saying "Go Back - Full Marathoners."  Now I plan to "Come Back" and finish what I started.
Rodney Chang, Hawaii

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