Mon, 21 Sep 1998 22:08:29 -0400
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Hi Dr. Chang is Dr. Ron Bochner's e mail address. He is the lead
Doctor pulling Doctors from all corners. He does not seem to be into
computers very much and does not check his e mail for a few days at a
time, so I am probably still your best connection. When your work gets
here, we will give you a link and add your web pages to the index of

The reason we know each other and are working together in this way is
that their is a medical school near by the hospital where all the
Doctors train and eventually land at the hospital. A few years ago two
very creative medical students began asking artists to come into the
medical school to begin a creative interraction with the outside
community. VAL is an international group of artists taking global
creative energies and giving them focus. Our web site weaves it all
together, past, present and future, colorfully and economically!

This is our second time sponsoring the group of Doctors and this time we
will leave them up and build on it, creating a strong communication
network for Dr. Bochner to use.

So Dr. Bochner does one thing(or a zillion!) and we do the other things.
He does not work for us and we do not work for him, we work together
whenever we can and do different things which compliment each other.

Judy Wray