Dr. Rodney "Pygoya" Chang


Rodney Chang was born in Honolulu in 1945.   Instead of surfing and sailing, he has spent his life in school, then decades treating dental patients in Hawaii.  With degrees in other fields, Dr. Chang is also a long time artist, writer, and psychologist.  For fun he has danced for decades in dance clubs as well as run thirty-five 26-mile marathons.  As an artist he has explored digital art since 1984.  He was the first to exhibit in the medium in the state of Hawaii as well as in Calcutta, India, and in the nation of China (solo exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, 1988).  Online he established the perpetual virtual museum at Lastplace.comTruly Virtual Web Art Museum went online in 1997 and has greeted over 1.5 million visitors.  In 1997 he also launched the manifesto for the art movement of  "Webism."  Prior to his love affair with high technology and its cyber-culture, Chang devoted 10 years to painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and mixed media.   The writer has published four novels- "Pygoya," "Roswell Encounter Gallery," "Starry Lights Over Roswell," and "The Red Sable Brush Society," all available at www.amazon.com.   More information about the books here.  Chang is also publishing exerts from his artist's diary, titling the collection of journal entries, "The Artist Who Thinks Too Much," available in 2009. 




Glimpse at Rodney Pygoya Chang

Firsts in Pygoya's Life