Turkey Shoot - by Rodney E.J. Chang


       I'm not the athletic type. As a kid on the block, I was always chosen dead last when dividing into two teams for ball games.  Even the neighborhood girls got picked before me.

       In college I joined a fraternity - to meet girls.  I wasn't given a chance to perform in front of sorority members because the frat had “enough players.”

       Around Thanksgiving, a memo from the Fraternity Council announced a basketball free-throw contest.  The winning prize was a huge frozen turkey.  Several athletic-types from my frat went to the gym to compete.  They chuckled when I tagged along.

       Turns out this was my “moment” of a lifetime.  I made 32 free throw baskets in a row!  In pickup games I never could do 2 in a row.  It had to be divine intervention.

       I was going to take my “trophy” to the fraternity house until they laughed at me in school when one said,

      “What did you step on?”

       At home the family feasted on roasted turkey on Thanksgiving Day.  They also knew how lousy I was in sports.  They deemed it a miracle that the main course was due to my shooting prowess.  That made it extra delicious!