The Honolulu Advertiser
June 3, 2007
To Treena Shapiro, Advertiser Government Writer
Dear Treena,
It was wonderful to start my Sunday morning with the paper, my coffee, and your Hawaii "Space" article.  It made me think of writing to you.
I am an unknown (hopefully not for long) startup science fiction writer. I'm 61 and have been a practicing dentist and digital artist all my life.
Turning 59, I needed a new challenge. I always liked to write.
I write because I am heading out for the UFO Festival in Roswell, NM.  Heard of the "Roswell Incident" of '47?  July 4th is the big 60th anniversary of the incident or American myth.  55,000 tourists are projected to hit this town of 50,000 for the weekend. I am invited to do book signings there and have an interview setup with the local newspaper.  The Roswell Daily Record, the same paper in '47 that printed the famous headline of a captured flying saucer, is still in operation!
My first novel, 'Pygoya," deals with magical events at Volcano that lead to balls of fire flying off into the heavens.  My next novel, just out at (self published), is a creatively new twist about just what happened at Roswell in '47 and what is about to happen again on this July 4th, again in Roswell!  My art is intertwined with my interest in space and UFOs.  There's a speaker at the UFO Museum this year that will explain why his book implies Marilyn Monroe was murdered because she knew too much about the truth of UFOs through JFK.   I definitely want to be at that lecture and meet Dr. Don Burleson because 1. I found out he and I graduated from the same now defunct university in California (he with a PHD and me with a MA in Computer Art), and 2. the image of Marilyn Monroe actually appeared on my computer screen overnight. In the 90s I did experiments with all night computer auto 3D computer processing.  It wasn't until I started doing research on Roswell for the novel that I discovered this connection between Monroe and UFOs.  It inspired my story. 
I write to you because if Hawaii is to become a major player in the US's space business, it wouldn't help to promote the visibility of local sci fi writers such as myself. Both novels include Hawaiian characters.  In "Roswell Encounter Gallery" a Hawaiian dentist/artist invests in property in Roswell to launch a UFO art gallery.  None exists now and it's a matter of time with the projected new theme park soon to be developed there.  (Disney?)  If my novel is financially successful, I hope to invest the profit into a real "Roswell Encounter Gallery" across their "International UFO Museum & Research Center" on Main Street.
I would like to send you a copy and you could direct it to whoever on the staff could give it some exposure.  People here should know a local boy wrote what ALL of Roswell will know, once it comes out in their "Vision Magazine" insert within the Daily Record's Sunday edition.  I get my order of books this week and would be very happy to drop copies by for you.
Here I am and a peek at my books-
I haven't been successful as an artist here, even after 100s of shows over 20 years.  There just isn't a market for abstract digital spacey art here.  So I plan, in retirement, to relocate to Roswell and manage my gallery.  Maybe you, in some unknown way, can assist me in changing my course by staying put.  My wife and children would love that!
Most of my efforts to reach out through Press Releases have been ineffective.  I hope this time it's different.
Rodney Chang, MA, MSED, DDS, PhD