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> >Best multimedia manager!

> >We are working on a project called "Virtual Museums". The project is
> supported by the Swedish government. At this stage, we need to do an
> analysis and overview on what museums world wide offer when it comes to
> virtual reality applications for access to their exhibitions and artefacts,
> i.e. to reach a broader public.
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> >Appreciate if you could send me information on your museum's activities in
> this field, as soon as possible.
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> >With best regards!
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> >Lennart Helmbold
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> >Decam AB is a Swedish media production company. We develop, produce and
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> >Our strength is the cross media approach, i.e. the interface information
> technology, with data technology systems, film/TV and telecommunications,
> which means we use the synergy between traditional and new media in the
> creative process of content building for different media platforms, f ex
> the Internet, CD-ROM, film/TV and interactive TV.

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Dear Lennart,

I welcome your interest in the subject of what museums are doing now to
participate with the Internet. This is my own keen interest as an art
psychologist, long time digital artist (1985-present) and Web artist.

Please read my essay, just written (for you too?):

I appreciate your comments about this essay. If you can use it please
ask first for my author permission.

This essay is about physical or "real" museums.

My Web site, as you know, is composed of 5 "virtual" museums. Each serve
different purposes and populations to bring the museum experience alive
on the Internet for the Internet international community.

For example, Art College Gallery within my Rave Webmuseum to assist
providing exhibit opportunity (and of course their discovery of my
museums) for today's art students, who are next millenium's mature

My virtual museums, collectively called "Truly Virtual Web Art Museum",
is immense and continues to have new content almost EVERY DAY. There
are over 30 vrml galleries. In order to simplify navigation and
accomodate the casual visitor, I have creatively constructed a "tourist
bus shuttle" that I suggest you ride to become familiar with the

The Las Vegas Art Museum is now collaborating with Truly Virtual Web Art
Museum. I think this is the first time in history that a real museum is
interacting with an existing virtual museum. See curator's message-

Their own museum homepage, at-
as you can see is traditional and the usual material that museums of the
world use the Internet for. Just the placement of information about the
museum to get more world visibility and attendance at their physical

As the new "Director of Internet Programs" (I am on on the official
museum Board of Directors, no. 13) my challenge is to assist the
traditional museum staff to become more progressive with their own
content even as the curator's proclamation of my "Truly Virtual Web Art
Museum" as a Web-based (Cyberart form) "work of art" give them instant
perception as a "leading edge" museum Web site. My idea of a
"Artist-in-CyberResidence" is also a new concept worth historical
documentation. Now I, as online digital artist, create new works in Web
environment and post results outside "Truly..." and within pages of Las
Vegas Art Museum's pages in their/my "Art CyberStudio". I am free to
collaborate with other innovative artists I find on the Web. For example
I am doing work with programmer David Orr of Scotland. My digital art is
applied to custom Java applets we both plan in order to add custom
animation to my jpg works. Orr and myself will be exhibiting June 13th
in a group show in New York City this June and later this summer in
England. All collaboration is included as content and documentation in
Las Vegas Art Museum CyberResidency program. I get a small scholarship
to work with this museum as their "CyberResident".

I am working with the museum in planning a future "School of Web Art"
and the "LVAM Web Gallery". With these additional projects at the actual
museum, further integration between museum Web site, cyberart programs
and interactivity with world online artists through shows within "Truly...",
now their "first work of art in their online museum collection", can become a
reality. Such comprehensive museum-to-Internet coordination,
experimental at Las Vegas Art Museum and "Truly..." I feel serves as an
excellent model for expanded activity of the traditional museum with the
new world of online Web artists or "Cyberartists"

I am very much interested to find out if this material is interesting to
you as this is my life study - the interactivity of all groups,
including the museum institutions, in regards to what we define as

I would welcome email, telephone interview (808)-848-0395, fax
(808-841-6872) or invitation to give a presentation to your research
company if you pay the expenses for travel. The Curator of Las Vegas Art
Museum could be my travel companion to Sweden too.

Sincerely yours,

Dr.Rodney Chang, MA,MA,MSEd,DDS,PhD(Art Psychology)