I'm so glad you are able to attend the UFO are in for an out of this world experience.  I will be on vacation during that time but there will be a lot of people for you to interview.  Bernarr Treat is the Executive Director of the Roswell Chamber of Commerce and has lived in Roswell his entire life so is a wealth of knowledge.  We have several art galleries in Roswell.  The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art is designed for local artists with the Artist-in-Residence Program.  The Foundation Administrator,  Lanis White (505) 623-5600 is looking forward to visiting with you.  Then we have The Roswell Museum and Art Center,  contact person is Dee Dennis 624-6744 and the Gallery of the Roswell Fine Arts League and ask for Joyce Tucker 625-5263.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance.  Did you check out the pics of the Gallery I was telling you about?


Suzy, spokeswoman for the Roswell Chamber of Commerce, Roswell,  New Mexico, June 14, 2006