Guestbook lst 25 entries - 1999-2007


Your early contributions
were/are most important to the medium itself. Its just a pity that 
the rest of the world is so ignorant about Digital Art. Its my job to 
remind them. 

Laurence Gartel, - September 26, 2007



Dr. Rodney Chang ('Pygoya' in his curatorial role as ringmaster) has assembled
a dauntingly intelligent array of current best practice in this field.  Exploring the
recesses of his chosen artistic niche is as rewarding as it is informative.

- Gerald O'Connell, art critic and reviewer, New York Arts Magazine, NY, NY, 1998



oeuvre.jpg (9579 bytes)

I'm going to have to send you the Crawfish AND the Oeuvre award. You
can't request it, and
you're only the second to get it! I absolutely
love your museum. Thanks for pointing me at your phenomenal site!

- Margaret Rocconi,, July 20, 1998


You've created a valuable site. I will visit it often and look
forward to seeing it exist in ten years from now!

David, Resource Center For Cyberculture Studies <>




beetleaward.jpg (6399 bytes)

Congrats!!    Yikes, it's clear to see you did put a lot of time into your site!
*sigh* once again i just can't help myself... you've received the highest honor possible

-Cheery, Guess Who

award dedicated to Alfred K.B.Chang,, received on July 22, 1998, father's funeral day




Congratulations, you're a Ham's Place Full Moon Award winner! Absolutely
fantastic... an unbelievable experience... excellent presentation and
design. I really enjoyed the visit. Best wishes in your endeavors.

Paul Hamilton



I am so honored to be the first artist of the 1998 exhibition. My gratitude
to Dr. Rodney Chang is immense - he is a man with insight into the future.
Virtual Reality is the web of the future and the Pygoya Webmusem of Cyberart
is giving us a chance to see a part of things we once only thought of as
science fiction. Dr. Chang is setting standards for the web art Galleries of
the 21st century and I am part of this. I am a piece of the future. Thank
you Dr. Chang for becoming my friend and believing in me. Mostly, thank you
for being my mentor - I have new goals, new creative inspirations and new
understandings derived from all that I have learned from your web site.

-Debbi Germann, Cyberartist, January 1, 1998





Congratulations!!......Your site definitely qualifies
for the "Critical Mass Award". A very nice site, good
design, clever original graphics, and your content is
informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to
access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution
to the Web.

Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting,
fun and attractive place to visit.

-Bill Darling, award juror, December 1997


Following a brief visit to your site I have the
impression that you are building a valuable resource.

-Roman Verostko, creator of original pen plotter painted works of art, January 1998



Your site is impressive and I'd be pleased to have my work be part of your collection.
(Against the Wall, aquisition for the Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart)

Dorothy Simpson Krause, major pioneer digital artist, Professor of Computer Art


I have evaluated your page and it looks very good. Layout and visual
appeal are excellent. You have made good use of your meta tags, page
layout, keywords, etc. I really cannot much fault with your page.

...I'm sorry I can't give you anymore advice. But be happy knowing that
technically and visually you have done an excellent job. If I can be of
further assistance to you please let me know.




Congratulations! You have been selected to receive the
BizCardz Business Directory QUALITY SITE AWARD. You
have been chosen from 33,000+ other sites listed in our
directory to be highlighted on our special Quality Site
Award category that can be accessed from our main page.

Liane J. Harrold, President, BizCardz Business Directory


Yes, I would be honored to be a part of your gallery...(Rave Webmuseum
of Cyberart) ...It's fabulous, what you have done. It's the best I've seen.

( Death, Birth, Life, 1998, aquisition for the Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart)

Cecil Herring, Space and Digital Artist



I think your site is great.

Robert Downing, RCA, Artist-In-Residence
Univeristy of Toronto, Computer Systems Research Institute




Working with your art works gave me better understandings of computer
graphic arts.
I hope you keep doing the same from the center of the world.

Seiji Ueoka, founder of Renaissance 2001 Webring
Director, R2001 Gallery




I visited your fine site and sincerely I must say that you art is
excellent, your taste for colors is really very, very agreeable and
generally all your works are full of art. I must only add an Italian
word, that is "Bravo!!". Keep on also you with your great work!

Francesco Franceschi, Italian Computer Artist




I downloaded the vrml viewer and really enjoyed your site! Thanks very much
for contacting me. I would glad to be considered a "sister" site of the
Webmuseum Cybercolony. Regards,

Duane Frybarger
The Virtual Colony - artists, writers, composers




I was e-mailed by Shopart (Munich Art Group) who recommended your site to me
to check out and thought you may be interested in looking at my site as well.
Your site is awsome so I have included my award for you to post..

> The Jeff Hobrath Art Studio




Still exploring, but was very impressed with the new exhibition of Bryan Smith's work. Also the whole idea of the "cybercolony". (I belong to other list artists groups, but always feel a little "out there" because of the digital work I'm into). Have already listed the museum on my website's art resource page, and just added one specifically for Bryan's exhibit. Great show!

Denise Ruzich

New York Artist





Your site is groovy.
This site most definetely qualifies for the K.A.D.A. Congratulations. Thanks for pointing
out your cool site to me. I really enjoyed my stay, and I'm extremely intrigued by your
work. That's cool stuff. Where do you get your inspiration? PS-- Your site rules!







oh great page! wow, wicked... man o man, gotta come back here...

Andrue Carr




I am most glad that the people in the world can now
see my work. This is because of you. Thank you!

Organization: PAINTERS' CLUB



I just paid a visit to your webpage and it was super. I enjoyed it very
much, so full of information! I downloaded the vrml virtual player and
can't wait to try it out.
Lady Diamond, Artist



I'd like to say it once more that the R2001 VR Gallery you did is the BEST digital art presentation the whole Internet has seen so far!!! Thank You!

Aleksi Aaltonen, Finland, Project Director, R2001- Feburary 20, 1998




I spent some more time exploring your site. Great work! I
wish you much success in establishing digital art as a
recognized art medium.

Earl Hinrichs , digital artist using mathematic as his medium




Sincere Thank You...Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart, and it's affiliates
Hello..(Aloha)..May this find you and your family in good health and
spirits..Wanted to Thank You, for so very much you have done for me, and
all the work, and the Labor of love you have put forth in the Promotion
of Cyberart..Please Know, that You are appreciated..

Bill Russell, Cyberartist
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 07:19:01 -0500




Dear Pygoya,

I am proud that TC Art Gallery received your award! It is really very
important for me and all painters from TC Art. Thank you very much. I placed
your award at the first page of TC Art.
I have taken a look at your site. It is really great! Music is wonderful
too. A lot of talented works are placed at site. Thank you for pleasure.
Thank you for your talent.
I know that you make a great work for all painters from project. Thank you
for your great work for all us.
I am sure a lot of painters could say to you the same words. I read all
letters from project. But my English language is not perfect. Therefore I am
afraid to write letters with much mistakes.
But from your letters I know that you are clever and kind person. I am very
glad that I with you in project of Renessance2001 too. I think we will see
each other in one of the exhibitions of Renessance 2001. I will be very glad.

Best wishes,

Catherine Yakovina.
TC Art Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 19:58:12 +0400


you can't quit,,, cause if you do,,, then I will have to quit,,,,,, and
I am really enjoying this and learning alot,,,,, so you better not
quit,,,, Eagles are not quitters,,,,, and besided r2001 will understand
they know the work you did,,, and you did not drop the ball,, LVAM
did,,,, so you don't take any blame,, it is all with LVAM they are
idiots,,,,,, we know the future,, and we are the future,,,,,,,,

LH - Wed, 22 Apr 1998 19:38:56 -0700



Always enjoy receiving your correspondence. I am starting to feel a part of
a world - wide digital art community, and believe digital will be the
dominant art movement of the 21st century.

Best Regards

Nancy Wood, MFA, Instructor, Art Institute of Houston - April 1998



I would like to add my small voice to the chorus of praise for
your fine work and generous contributions to R2001 and to the brave new
world of digital art.
Best wishes,

-Warren ;



The show looks FANTASTIC!! The vrml is too COOL for words! You really worked your magic!
I am SO fortunate I can't believe it!! And I have just discovered another perk
to online exhibiting - I'll be able to keep a copy to view and enjoy in the future! (That's better than "real" life!)
Thank you for the honor and this incredible experience.

- Denise Ruzich at opening, solo exhibition in Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart, 1998

Dear Denise, Jeff ane Family,

Congratulations on Denise's solo exhibition at the Internet's Rave Webmuseum!

Not bad, I'd say, for leaving Kentucky, moving to CA, then settling now in
New York, then suddenly a world exhibition with possible review in a New
York Arts magazine.

See, you gotta be in New York to make it as an artist as usual!

Actually, you are feeling the power of the Internet as it starts to assist
artists to find their proper stature in the scheme of things.

Congrats again,

Dr. Rodney Chang,
Curator, Rave Webmuseum

Thanks, Dr. C. This is a keeper.

And you are right, it isn't New York. It is the power of the Internet.
New York is no longer the hot center. It's time has passed. It is now
the World, via the Internet.

And you are leading the way. So proud to be one of the first artists
exhibited in your history making museum on this new frontier. I am so
honored by your belief in me and my art. And I will always be grateful
for this opportunity.

Now, onward, to infinity and beyond. . .

Warm regards and much excitement for the future,

Denise Ruzich
VISION QUEST STUDIO - Art for a New Millenium



Date: Sat, 09 May 1998 15:40:22 -0500
To: <>
From: Wood <>
Subject: Your catalogue

Hi Rodney,

WOWWWW!!! I just finished looking through your catalogue. It is just
too cool for words! FANTASTIC!!!!! Very inspirational. Why haven't I seen
your work before? (answer to that one - Houston museums rarely book any
interesting shows). Too bad you no longer have the original prints or
files. Have you looked into printing your works using current advances in
printing technology? (i.e. giclee or inkjet on canvas). There's a group
called International Association of Fine Art Digital Printmakers
( that keeps up with all that if you're interested. I
think you should arrange a touring exhibition of your works to museums all
around the mainland, then the world.
I am SO IMPRESSED! Know that I am dealing with a creative genius now.
And you are a dentist too? I'll bet your patients look forward to coming to
your office.
I haven't picked a favorite work yet, there were so many that I liked.
Really didn't see anything that did not immediately strike me as
OUTSTANDING! By the way, here's Holle Humphries address, I gave her your
email and web addresses. Holle Humphries, Department of Art and Art History,
Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Art & Art History Dept, Campus Mail Code: D1300,
University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712

I feel totally inspired and dedicated to digital art after viewing your
catalogue. Thanks for sending it to me and for all you are doing to promote
digital art.

Take care.

Nancy Wood


Subject: You're GREAT!!!!!!!
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 05:40:15 PDT

Hi there!
I had seen Your Cyberspace..... one thing I must say: It's absolutely
F A N T A S T I C !

Slavek Rozehnal, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

Please accept my congratulations for the efforts you are
doing on behalf the Arts. Sincerely yours,

Alberto Cerritos, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada


Came across your site and its a COOOOOOOOOOL one!

Iris Giclee


The show looks great. Thank you for all your work and effort in
persisting with the incompatible platform problems.

I gave a preview of it to one of my upper level classes and they loved
it. The students are thrilled to have their work showcased. This is a
definite boost to their (and mine) psychic energy. I will be conducting
more shows of not only our works, but also of other exhibits with the
Las Vegas Art Museum. I did peek at some of the other shows you have
mounted, and they are well conceived and organized. I am interested in
looking at your work, and I will take the opportunity to do so. Regards,

Professor Thomas Cappuccio <>
Northern Michigan University




(Pygoya,)  You have a long and distinguished track record in pioneering these new developments (web based art) and I am having discussions with Aleksi on the
best way to acknowledge that within the new WebArt section as he builds it.

Gerald O'Connell, Council Member, R2001 international art ring



And again I would like to thank you very much for exhibiting with us at CWB,
your work was a real diamond during the exhibition time.
My very, very best wishes,

Yola Wita, Curator, CWB
The Country Without Borders ,
450 Broadway  Gallery & Abraham Lubelski Gallery, New York City


newmedia.gif (6505 bytes)

Congratulations, you won the new media award, for your site:
out of 576 competitors for October's awards.

Massive Academic Center  01 Nov 998




What a great idea - a GIFT SHOP. Maybe you could represent me and sell my paintings and prints from my big printer. I am printing giant prints on canvas and they turn out like oil paintings! I can stretch them and treat them like an oil with no glass. I varnish them with 4 coats of UV Varnish.

I was artist of the month of September at the Orlando Museum shop and had several exhibitions this fall including a big representation of 9 works in the Art and Technology Show '98 at the Museum. My work hung in the main museum with the Masters of the American School show!

I love your awards page linked to my site Congratulations!
The background is stunning and the music is only as you can make it.

You are the most creative web site designer I have "met." Keep up your fabulous innovative web work! With the Web World coming on strong, you should go far!

Cecil Herring, Space and Digital Artist
December 1, 1998



Hi Rod:
I am in love... like the Taco Bell Chihuahua dog!
YOUR ART WORKS, so difficult TO FIND on your web site for all the
WRITING, (too small and a turn off with all the disclaimers, explanations,
links etc.) ARE FABULOUS.


Please, please, Rodney, realize your own heritage and cultural mix
has contributed to an art form I have not seen before. It reminds me of the
oriental calligraphy, Sumi drawing and yes, Hawaii, even though I have
never been there. And Space and other planets too.

H.C. Dec7, 1998




coolclick.gif (5005 bytes)

Congratulations your site has been selected as a Planet Direct Cool
Click of the Week. Your site will be featured next week in the *On the
Town Surfboard* area of Planet Direct, a personalized, localized
online community with more than 800,000 members.

Thanks for your time and keep up the great work.   15 Jan 1999

Amanda Nielsen, Online Editor
Planet Direct




Thanks so much for the award and inclusion on the GREAT page!.... Thanks
again, and thank you for lastplace, which is a wonderful, important
contribution to the web.

Kurt Shaw, artist, SF, USA   Feb. 5, 1999




Hi, I love your site
Bill Lisy,



As a matter of fact I am working and using the internet for five years
daily, but I have never stayed so long on one site.
Thank you for showing me your work !
I will soon start the possibility to tell 1600 art lovers per mail about
sites like yours.

Benjamin Klemencic-


Still pioneering the networks...? I'm still looking for perfection myself. I
have visited your webpage upon occasion. Check you stats logs. (Most recent
last week.)

Change is the river that supports the undernet and I've seen your website
move proportionally.

"Ronald Willis" <>




80x80_award3.gif (2703 bytes)


Your site, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum
( has been reviewed by Doras and given
a 3 Shamrock award. Doras is Telecom Internet's directory of Irish sites
and your site can be located in the Arts section under Visual Arts.

In our assessment of your site we have taken into account the following
elements: content, functionality, style, innovation and how well we feel
the site achieves its objectives.

Congratulations on your Doras Shamrock award. 


Emma Kavanagh
Doras Directory Editor


I love your site!

I really think this WebMuseum is so wonderful and valuable. So much of the
stuff on the Web gets lost after a while, so I really think it's tremendous
that you're making an effort to save a lot of this work!
Thanks for your help!

Alyssa Boehm, formerly of Chicago Tribune, April 1999

Alyssa Boehm
Extranet Solutions
773-665-0020 ext. 101
Chicago ~ Illinois

About opening of my exhibition at your gallery -  I have taken a look.
Fantastic! It is so beautiful that I have not enough words for expressing of my
delight. You created a wonderful exhibition for me. It is really the great
presents of my art works for viewers. It is laconic and beautiful
decoration. I like so style. Thank you for wonderful choice of my art works.
I am glad that you like my favorite art works. So I understand that we feel
each other by heart. My husband have taken a look too. He was in delight of
exhibition too. Thank you Pygoya from the bottom of my heart!

Catherine Yakovina, TC Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
April 15, 1999




greatsp1_2.jpg (76835 bytes)

To Pygoya- Award for  Outstanding Cyberartist
and for being a great spirit. May 1999

Ansgard Thomson
Fort Assiniboine AB.CA.



I have thoroughly enjoyed looking around your pages with or without the tour
bus. There is so much to see and I only had an hour to spend this
afternoon. Having stumbled across for the first time this
afternoon, I am not familiar with the site or all of the content that may be
contained within the the different museums available from your web site.

Can you please tell me if there may be some work displayed that may not be
appropriate for children? If so, is it clearly labeled as such or would it
be possible to stumble upon it?

I am interested in showing as a link from my company web site
but I would like to make sure I offer a caution if one is appropriate.

You have a beautifully crafted and clever site. Thank you.

Jenny Johnson
CRCi Managing Partner
Computer Resource Central


19 Oct 1999
Dear Pygoya,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I am honored to have heard from you
directly. I have enjoyed my museum experience through Lastplace and
especially your works. I love eFire, To Russia with Love and so many
others. I will look forward to visiting your site many times and especially
your upcoming 20th Century Farewell Exhibition.

We have a small business web site that is still under construction but we
hope to have "up and running" in the next two weeks. I am creating a simple
list of 'Liberal Arts' links for Music, Literature, Theology and Web Art. I
will be very happy to include your site on my small list. You offer a
beautiful educational opportunity for many and I am so grateful that I may
refer your site to others without fear of embarrassment.

As you said Renata's work offers some nudity but clearly in a fine art
representation which I would comfortably offer to my children. Thank you
again for your consideration in replying to my note and offering your
assurance as to the "family friendly" nature of your site.

Jenny Johnson
CRCi Managing Partner
Computer Resource Central


I am going through exhibits in lastplace now...
and I have come across "To Russia with Love".
Like Linda Martin writes, it's truly a masterpiece.
The colours of Russian folk tales and illustrations
bursting out of a fairyland called Mother Russia --- I
can almost see them all there: the Bears, Baba Yaga,
young Ivan, and the rest. Kandinsky couldn't have done

Shubhojoy Mitra Oct 18, 1999



Btw, it's your work that made me want to send you my url. I came across it
via a link to the Las Vegas Museum and you stopped me in my tracks! I
thought to myself "This artist knows how to have fun and will understand
what I'm trying to do".
Elenyte Paulauskas-Poelker August 14, 2000




Firstly, I am very, very impressed with the quality of work on your site.

Secondly, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Peter Johnson. I (single-handedly, and on a part-basis)
edit & run a non-profitmaking online web publication called The Scriberazone which features writing of
all kinds, though mainly poetry. We feature collections by a number of writers invluding
Karen Alkalay-Gut who is well known in the UK and the US.

So to get to the point, I'd like to feature a work of art on the front 'cover' of each collection.
And because your work is the best cyber-art I have seen on the web this far, I'd like to use
some of yours. Now I can't pay you, but I'll credit you in full including a link from each page where
one of your works is featured, back to your site, as well as copyright statements etc.

This could mean large numbers of visitors for you, not least because we are planning a number
of multimedia events including perhaps national television coverage from National Poetry Day (October 5th).

I'd really love to use you art. Please let me know if you could grant permission for this to happen

Regards, Peter Johnson, Editor
"The Scriberazone" <>


HAPPY 55th B'DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW!!!!!!5 and half decades of ........ A LIFETIME of
globetrotting, cybersurfing, ... real surfing at
Hawaii too?, dental college, art college, Korea,
California, New York, digital art
(saw your site
listed in a recent feature article of FINANCIAL TIMES,
London ...)
and of course, MAINLAND CHINA ... and
calcutta too ...and so much more to do yet

shubhojoy <>
Mon, 27 Nov 2000 07:23:32 -0800 (PST)


I love your site! And I'm always telling people about it...but....WHAT
happened to the beautiful accompanying music...Moonlight Sonata...etc??
Also, can you tell me where you found that particular mp3/midi?? I'd
like to put some of that music on my site...
Any info would be appreciated...and again..your site is AWESOME ...with
or without the music...Thanking you in advance....

Paula Lowery - 14 Feb 2001 08:46:00 -06




                      I can't say enough about this site. It is really very beautiful as well as
                        entertaining. I guess AWESOME is the word I need here. Thank you very
                        much. Now I am going back to look at all of the shows. I will spend a lot of
                        time in here as well as recommend it to my friends.
                         Lois Noel , Tampa, Florida - , 1/10/2001



I have long been an admirer of your art, which
was brought to my attention by Ansgard

Please point me in the direction of your
images which are wholly, or at least mostly,
drawn or created on the computer. 
I am reluctant to exhibit scanned images
of conventionally hand-produced art,
irrespective of how dramatic and provocative
they may be.


Don Archer - MOCA director
Thu, 28 Jun 2001 22:18:51 -0400


Dear Pygoya,Your Cyberart is fantastic!!!!!!
I love everything you do. Pygoya,Can I ask for your autograph? 

Wed, 18 Jul 2001 19:43:13 EDT


We would like, with your authorisation, to use your homepage to illustrate an article concerning webmuseums. We will, of course, put links to your site and the necessary copyrights. Thank you for answering asapKind regards,

Responsable Iconographie Studio   tel : 01 53 06 62 94

31 Jul 2001


I saw your work in East Hawaii Cultural Center.
You are a great man for digital art and artist in the world.
 I will work hard for my pursuit. Thank you very much for your help.
Anytime I will be happy to meet you.

Sooyoung Lee, digital artist, South Korea

29 Dec 2001

I must have lived on Mars for a very long time, as only now I realized
that Dr. Rodney Chang and the "legendary" Pygoya are the same
person!!!!! It must be because I rarely read about the artist himself
and tend to look at the work. Cannot believe it: I have admired your
work for such a long time...I find it in fact a source of inspiration in
those days when the "Muse" seems to have abandoned me. And to think that
you have liked some of my work is not only something quite difficult for
me to fully take in, but also something which I feel so very honoured
and intimidated by. I feel now even a greater responsibility towards my

Best regards, and, once again, thanks,


"Dr. Fernanda Steele" <>

Thu, 13 Dec 2001 18:28:59 -0800

Ingrid Kamerbeek, Publicist for Pygoya (as of July 2002)

"Dear Ingrid,

I'm glad you like it. I've changed the commentary on the home page, it
now says: Pygoya a celebration of form and colour, digitalising painting,
humanising Cyberart. I'm very interested in Pygoya's method of working.

The kind of humanising philosophy that informs his work. The
blending of traditional and digital media. I'm also very exited about the prospect 
of doing something together, perhaps organising an event here in London in
the Summer of 2003, if the idea of "we met on the net" can be developed and
 improved. It would be an honour to have Pygoya's help. If he was interested,
 it could become a truly international and multicultural event.

Elisa Ramos, curator, webmaster :   2002

Thank you so much for the email. I am honored to have received such kind attention from
you. Juli speaks highly and fondly of you. After seeing your websites and your bio, I can
understand why. Congratulations to you on a lifetime of unsurpassed achievements!

The business of Internet cafe and computer repairs that I am planning on opening in Hawaii Kai
will be a small venture. I certainly would appreciate your advise on how I can better operate
the business. I think it is a great idea to have your artwork displayed at the cafe and/or have
you giving pointers as to how we can decorate the shop. I saw a few pieces of your work
online and I thought they were absolutely stunning. 

Christopher Wang, internet cafe/computer repair business, Hawaii - Jan. 16, 2003


You are an inspiration. You are famous and renown....but I suspect you are 
lookikng for a certain level of recognition beyond what you have 
achieved. I  would like to see you reach that level also. 
But maybe the way to get there is not by trying....

Dr. G. Yuen, MD - psychiatrist

10 March 2003

(artist's note: currently in the works- Flip Books CD/DVD project, contracting with
Alex Alexander & Assoicates art agency to represent me on the West Coast, USA,
search for European museums and galleries for trip in November 2003, designated
exclusive artist for internet cafe in construction in Hawaii Kai, Oahu, continuing
series of Cyberbabies and Webbabies art FOR the Web cultural base, continued
growth of and steering development of; notified of
inclusion of Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World for 2003)

"The fun is not in the destination but getting there" - Pygoya

Rodney my man! What a delight to hear from you! You sound as healthy and full of life as ever; could it be all that dancing and marathon running? I visit your site and it's various links frequently. I sell your site as the "one stop shop for digital art awareness" to curious traditional artist friends and patrons who want to know what this "digital thing" is all about. I feel like I've kept up with your career and life by visiting your site on a regular basis. You are the man! 

Arthur Nelander <>
Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii, Dept. of Art
Fine Artist Studios - Apr 2003 05:11:10 -1000


Hi Ingrid,

Wow, that is such synchronicity that you know Pygoya and noticed
the inclusion on my Cyberart site.
I am doing my PhD in technology education, so many of my
assignments this year were done on the web.
I found Dr. Chang's work fascinating,...I had to do a
presentation about this site I was building for my class.
When I clicked on the link to his work, my professor was very
impressed with his interpretations on cyberart and webism.
So was I! Wonderful work,...does he still focus on this aspect of

From: "Pegasus General" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: Ingrid Fw: Welcome to the Pegasus Art Gallery

The most emblematic creator of the cyber art: PYGOYA (2003)

Tibor Kovacs-Egri :
Budepest, Hungary


I can see at a glance that you are into the 'ye olde worlde'  mode
already, your muted colours are wonderful, Rembrandt, chiaroscuro and all that,
how very very exciting to visit the Masters !!!

Oct 10, 2003- after review of Euro Art Tour series by Pygoya

"Linda Martin" <>



Thanks for bringing the 'museum of cyberart' online.

All the best, greetings from Belgium.

Doctor Hugo  October 12, 2003
Ph.D. in art sciences,
Curator / new media researcher,
Professor / new media theory,
Royal Academy for Fine Arts - Antwerp.



Whether it is you (or another) rodney chang, then congratulations on your
vision and creativity.
If it's the rod chang i knew then it blows my mind how small the world has



Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 00:55:09 -0400

don't know if this is being seen by rodney chang, but if it is, then my
name is edward sokol and i knew you as rod chang ... and you and i
exhibited our work together in 1968 (!! WOW!!!) as fledgling artists. it
was at an outdoor art show held every weekend on kalakaua (?) avenue near
the ocean. i was living in kaneohe at the time (from new york) and we used
to sit together.

what is spooking me is that i just (last week!!!) found photos of my time
in hawaii ... and one of the photos was of the two of us sitting together
with our pegboard (pukaboard?) displays ... waiting patiently (and quite
bored) for buyers to come along. now ... tonight ... with wild coincidence
(and totally at random) i came across your website. i am impressed with
what you have accomplished since then ... and i applaud you. i too have
continued my work and am now in 7,000 collections around the world. you
can find me on the web anywhere just by typing in my name.

i left hawaii within one year to return to new york with the offer of a
one-man show ... and things catapulted from there.

if you are the person i am thinking of, it would be nice to hear from you.
if you would like, i would then send you a digi-copy of the photo of you
(and me) as callow youths some 35 years ago.

whether it is you (or another) rodney chang, then congratulations on your
vision and creativity.
if it's the rod chang i knew then it blows my mind how small the world has

Edward Sokol - description of lastplace and Pygoya's works


Dear Pygoya,
Thanks again for your encouragement and support.
I have sent the required email for enrolling in "Webism" - the right place.I
am so enoumoured by sharing my works on the internet that I have come to
regard printing and exhibitions redundant
. On I
have received more than 300 visits within a period of fortnight that too
without any promotional efort. Please advise me how I should promote my
website on the internet other than submission to some prominent search
engines. With regards and best wishes to my Guru (teacher).

Vijay Kochar, India 2003



Soon you will be very famous and rich and you need to be ready...

Silly Sang, Corpus Christi, Texas, 2004


I saw your beautiful artwork. It was phenomenal, awesome, incredible!!!! You're a genius... Thank you so much for sharing that with me. You look like ''Charles Bronson'' with your Cowboy hat.

Silly Sang, Corpus Christi, Texas, 6_28_2004


Nice paintings!  Often times,  I wish I was as creative as you.  You come up with a lot of spectacular artwork.  Great job Rod, keep up the awesome work.  My love for rainbows draws me to your "Rainbow Forest" creation.  That was one of my favorites at your Che Pasta exhibit. 

Sandra Young, Hawaii artist, 7-7-04



The proposed 3D online museum should be a lot of fun. I think that one you have on the first page of is pretty nice.
I really like your website--it's varied and hectic and there's so much stuff going on. It reflects you, I think! I get a kick out of tips on how to dance (your comments about adding to the list made me chuckle). I really like your webart because they are so mysterious. I can see those paintings on a wall---large, commanding and drawing you into its depths. So I still vote for your art being tangible and up there and not confined in my monitor.  

Priscilla Hall, Webmaster of Association of Hawaii Artists web site, 7-27-04



Dr. Chang,


What a life its been.  amazing achievements.

I am impressed!

thanks for sending me the stuff.  very cool.


Loren David Liebling
Executive Director
Hawaii Dental Association


Thank you very much for adding Digital Abstract's link
to your site! I absolutely love your work. I added a
link to your site at the below address: .

You can find your listing under Art Resources.
If you would like your link moved to another category,
please feel free to let me know. I will be more than
happy to change it.

Lastly, if your are ever interested in showing some of
you art on this site, Digital Abstract would love to
have it. It would be an honor. Thank you again for your
interest in Digital Abstract.

Best Regards,

Andrea Palko

Dear Rodney,


I always think of you when I'm directed to think of smart, prolific, evolved super-accomplished people...

 Thank you for being on this planet at the same time I'm here.

 Very Best,




Hey, you worldfamous artist and pioneer!

Found this by chance. Guess you know it:


Ingrid - 2005


I have one word to say- "Wow!" I checked out your website
and links and accomplishment and it blew me away.

Marlowe G. - Nov. 3, 2005



A novel! Man, you're the most
versatile person I've ever known! That's so cool. I think I might have
mentioned a memoir I wrote? The executive editor of one of the divisions
of Penguin says it's the best spiritual memoir he's ever read in
manuscript form, but that he can't get the OK from the actual publisher to
go ahead with it, owing to the fact that spiritual memoirs are notorious

Prof. Greg E. Shepherd, Kaui, Hawaii, Dec. 6, 2005



 Award to the artists participating in the Gallery AG,  Budapest, Hungary, 2006


Greetings!  I am very intrigued by your art and your methods.  I, myself, am an artist.  I think that your success at getting your digital work into an oil painting format, on the large scale of your work, is phenomenal and should be applauded.  I would like to attempt the same thing.  Can you recommend a company or organization who you use to execute the oil paintings from your digital image files?

Thanks very much in advance for any help you can provide!  Wishing you continued success,

Ray Styles  (


Wow, I really like your work. Knowing nothing about art.......I would really expect to see your work in the halls of our corporations. It is very modern, sharp, what you would see in corporate headquarters. It seems you would do well in such areas like Dallas TX, NYC business district, Los Angeles. You should try to get some pieces in some galleries in Laguna Beach CA. That is like the art capital of southern California. Wealthy crowd and Irvine is right there which is the major business center in the area.

B. Harp, property manager president, Bangor,Maine - LA,CA, May 24, 2006



I think your work is very broad - coming from the heart. And I enjoy your perspectives on life, art, etc

Jodi Melfi, owner, Wide Art Resources, December, 2006



Your work is impressive inspirational untouchable above human
I struggle, putting my hand out in the night dark blue sky, to touch a star
 you just need to open your hand; it is right there.
How bless you are.

I will need another life time to read your books,
but I need just a second on this one, to feel your art
although I could start to read too.

Monica Malbeck, artist, 2007



You all are bless by the talent, quality, sensitivity and have 
contribute in an excellent
way to help digital arts to grow.

All of you are incredible artists.

We received entries from so many countries and had a hard time 
choosing our winners.

All of you are incredible artists.

Guadalupe Divina, Curator, Divishow Studio & Gallery, Mexico




How I view your pictures, is that many of them are perfect for the spiritual (not religious) market place...otherwise known as New Agers.  These pictures are inspirational and evokes feelings of peace and harmony.  

I caught part of a movie today about Renaissance painters.  The premise was that they didn't paint a picture of anything, they let the picture evolve with each brush stroke....which is why the audience feels strongly when they see these pictures.   Your pictures have that same effect.  In the absence of people, landscapes, etc. your abstracts create a feeling that isn't explainable but felt.

I know because I feel it when I see your art.  This is not said to stroke you, especially while you are feeling down.  It is the truth.  Not to say that I like every one of your pictures...but because of the volume of pictures that you have created, there are many that catch my fancy and many that I believe will appeal to the masses once we can get it in their hands and on their walls...

Sue Corbin, Columbus, Ohio




Think your work has so much more passion to it. Which is great since I find that in so little of the digital art that I see. I ngrid has it,Ursula has it. You definitely have it.  I always like to see the hand of the artist in the work and what you do definitely captures your creative spirit.

James Charette, Fall River, MA


Your early contributions
were/are most important to the medium itself. Its just a pity that 
the rest of the world is so ignorant about Digital Art. Its my job to
remind them. I'm looking forward to seeing your
works on display
(at Long Island, New York)

Laurence Gartel, - September 26, 2007




Your pictures,
> cyberbabies truly describe visions of the struggle of form to appear
> which is analogous to the evolution of life and mechanism.
> conference is about the future and fusion of Biology and Computation. I
> want the best artist to cover the work by the best scientists (artists
> and scientists).

Dearest Pygoya,
> I organized a very exciting conference in Asia concerning the fusion of
> Biology and Information Science and Technology.
> FBIT 2007
> I am preparing the IEEE Conference Proceedings book and I wish for it to
> contain something special for the cover.
> Unfortunately we are scientists and so we really do not have any money.
> I wonder if one of your colourful works could be digitally available to
> us to produce the cover.
> Please let me know if this is possible. For example, you have an oil
> called Cybernetics and other work. We need something that strides the
> world of the weird mechanisms of life at its smallest, something that
> hits you but you cannot understand why it is alive.
> I send you the conference program so you can see what is going on, and
> why we need something interdisciplinary and special.
> We are simply after permission to reproduce the work. The circulation
> of it are 200 volumes of proceedings (hard copy). That is all. Have
> you got something suitable for us?
> Many kind regards,
> Daniel Howard
> Conference Chair FBIT 2007


Dear Pygoya,

It is such a great honour to hear from you.  We are touched.  I believe that great science must be complemented by great art and you are the best.

I am so honoured you have accepted.  Here is the sort of thing I was thinking of attached and the fonts of course can change.
What we are after is to have life as the struggle for shape and structure out of disorder or chaos.
In my view the images I assembled, albeit imperfectly, from your website do capture that.
However, you are a great artist so you could suggest alternatives or confirm these choices or supplant by others or give us something new or special for the occasion?
That is your decision of course and we welcome any ideas and leave it to your discretion.

Yes we can send the two books to you I am certain that we can and will ensure that we do so.

Let me know please what you think.

Many regards

Daniel Howard, Ph.D, UK

Daniel Howard received a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from Lafayette College, an M.S. degree in chemical engineering from Swansea University, and his Ph.D. degree from the Civil Engineering Department of Swansea University. He is a former Research Fellow of Pembroke College and the Numerical Analysis Group of Oxford University. Employed at QinetiQ in the United Kingdom (the former Defence Research Agency), he is a Company Fellow, and he is pursuing research in signal processing, bioinformatics, and evolutionary computation.



Dear Pygoya,

Thank you for the mail and especially also for your pains with the
arrangement of pictures. The result pleases me very good, and I think
that your museum is an important contribution for the history of the
computer art, and so also for art in general.

I thank you also for your friendly words about my work. In the
beginning, it was more a hobby for me , but in this early years I was
come in connection with an in Germany well known art historicien, Dr.
Franz Roh. He was already an old man but he was thinking very
progressive. He was saying to me: Was you are doing is not a play, this
are first steps in new regions of art and you must consider this and you
must continue your work in a serious way. I was strongly influenced from
him, and I have to thank him for this stimulation.

Best wishes,

Prof. Herbert Franke, Munich, Germany, June 9, 2008



Dear Rodney Chang,

The main subject of my scientific studies is a contemporary fine arts, including computer art. That is why for a long time (and with a great interest) I watch over your Internet exhibitions and your articles. Certainly, Webist's association is an essential contribution to development of computer art.
Regrettably, there is no information about Webism in our country. As far as I know there is only two artists from Russia in your movement and the only one mentioning about your activity in russian-language Internet - And also I tried to illuminate the activity of Webists in my publications.
Now I'm planning to realize a non-commercial project: to make a book series ( academic circulation of 500 copies) about computer art, net art and computer artists (8 books, 48 pp. each, size 23x32 cm). One of this books I'm planning to make about Webism.
If you think that such book can be useful, I would like to enlist your information support (inf. about movement, artists and art works).

Yours truly,

Simon Erohin, PhD,
Moscow State University, RF
May 21, 2009