As we say in Hawaii, "Aloha!" Which means for me, "Welcome, we are all brothers because we all are fortunate enough to seek, taste, and need fine art. In whatever form and shape it comes from. Like the computer, the Internet.

     I have come from the other side of the planet to support fellow Web artists here in Europe. Let's give my European fellow cyberartists a hand. Especially Ingrid Kamerbeek, who without her dedication and constant work, this big event would not be happening. Let's show some public appreciation for a great volunteer of our cause.

     For we are all missionaries, first generation artists of a medium of controversial nature, existing in some surreal cyberspace. But through our work you experience innovative images that you haven't seen before. Isn't that all that is suppose to be important? And for consistency, an international virtual art form that is indigenous to our global village.  We share the technocratic digital lifestyle, with our own chatroom personas. Finding interesting art you wouldn't expect to see through history books or in a museum. Accessing a new aesthetic experience shared by many around the world.

     Artists use telecommunication not only as a democratic means to show the world his or her vision, but also as a means to create intrinsic expression with the medium itself. For the purist, a online society would spawn its own visual art culture. And the source would be the technology itself, in itself such a powerful medium, that Disney animators are being ordered to learn to draw with a computer or get another job. But for me sheer joy!  I praise the Lord every day for having the computer opportunity to explore for new imagery during my life time.


    What is "Web Art?" To me, any art on the monitor that is original to the Internet medium itself. You could not find that art outside the online experience. It is culture coming to you from a global community of digital artists, through the Web, discovering and networking with each other. Many of the works here, including my own, are "reproductions" of the original which download from a hard drive. But valuable collectibles, as the tradition of signed & numbered print editions are adhered to. Foremost, however, is their importance as samples off-line of what new and accessible art resides on the Internet. For your enjoyment, your customized online cultural stops, we Webists contruct homepage galleries. Web artists remain committed to continuing the advancement of online visual arts cyberculture through their perpetual life work. Show your support of their sacrifices and buy their offerings!

     I end with a little about my own work. When I first started as an artist I courted the various art mediums. I did painting, photography, ceramics, bronze sculpture, mixed media, and performance art as a dancer. But there was no burning love to dedicate myself to a traditional medium. It seemed so much had already been done in each medium. I felt like I was born too late as an artist. But I did enjoy expressing myself through these mediums, especially painting and metal sculpture.

     But when I was introduced to computer graphics, back in 1985, it was love at first sight and I am still married to it today. I love expressing myself through the computer. Programs come and go, but through the decades I have tried to develop a unifying personal style. For me, "style" means conveying one's subjective inner spirit by means of the medium.   I have been moving pixels around on the monitor for 17 years now - to express myself.

     This sense of self strives to convey the beauty of painting and sculpture on your desktop . Through the magic of programs that move around our little dots, the pixels, we digital artists are able to visualize for all, our inner vision of the array of images that can be garnered from technology.

     For me I strive to bring the sensation of painted surfaces and textured sculpture into your virtual art experience. I share with you this love of paint and bronze. Through the digital domain, I can combine these traditional aesthetic appreciations for the media with new lines and forms that I, as artist, could through some other means conjure. I am honored to provide for you my "Cyberbabies," or art that is born of the Web, the product of the visualization of an emerging "look" that can only be described as an "'ism" of art, formally declared "Webism."

     The art represented here are among the best that our curator, Ingrid, has been able to discover through extensive research on the Internet. Who knows, there may be a budding Picasso among them, so acquire the art presented now while it is a bargain!  Be a patron of the new art form and support global Web Art!



Pygoya, for Europe openings, Oct. 26m 2003