Digital Decade: The Painted Pixel:The Hawaii Computer Art Society's 10th Annual Membership Show

Article in Sunday Honolulu Advertiser, July 12, 1998

Queen Emma Gallery, Honolulu, Hawaii

Through July 25

REBUTTAL: Art review was counterproductive

published in Honolulu Advertiser's
letters to the editor, July 18, 1998

The review of the art exhibit "Digital Decade" the Painted Pixel" (Hawaii Computer Art Society) by Quala-Lynn Bancroft was unnecssarily negative counterproductive and naive.

It's a shame she felt it was not "a pleasure and an adventure" and that, mostly, "these works were vacant." Instead of being the Philistine, she might have been more positive, open-minded and supportive of these creative efforts. She might have said, "Here is the art of 16 visual explorers, a dedicated community of digital discoverers who are creating images utilizing some of the most advanced tools available to contemporary artists. Here are visions that test and expand the boundaries of mankind's ever-evolving language and definition of art."

The digital revolution is here to stay. Come see it. Here is a new, global paradigm of expression and communication. Let us congratulate these brave new media cybernauts. These are today's pictures created by artists of your community. Not be be missed: "Digital Decade" The Painted Pixel" runs through noon, July 26, at the Queen Emma Gallery.

David Friedman