Rodney Chang

Artist Statement :

Has since 1985 explored the interface of PC computer graphics and traditional painterly visual qualities. Chang a.k.a. Pygoya, now has accumulated a body of paintings on canvas numbering around two hundred pieces averaging 6'x4'. The works document both the artist's development as a digital artist and also the evolution of personal computer graphic capabilities as captured with actual paint. As of 1996 the artist focuses on personally transforming from a " computer artist" to a "cyberartist", or creating art specifically for experiencing on the World Wide Web.

Past Selected Exhibitions :

Shanghai Art Museum; Las Vegas Art Museum; Bronx Museum of Art, N.Y.; Honolulu Academy of Arts; Holter Art Musuem, Montana; Portland Art Museum; Tartu State Art Museum, Estonia; The Computer Art Museum, Oregon; Multi-Media Gallery, N.Y.C.; Kauai Art Museum; Nisi Noho Gallery, N.Y.C.

Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart, is now open!

From the Gallery of Rodney Chang

 "CyberTomb", 1996          "Cybergoddess" 1990

 "Still Cyberlife", 1996             "Cool" 1990

 "Cyberheap", 1997                            "Still Life" 1997

 "Infoflow", 1996                    "Down Under" 1997

 "Bits of Armor", 1996          "Night Vision", 1997

 "Cyberswamp", 1997           

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