Presented by Rodney Chang,  MA, MA, MA, MA, MSEd, DDS, PhD
(community leadership, counseling psy, studio art, computer art, education, dentistry, art psychology)


    A. Art historical and medium signficance
    B. Local Economy - downtown pedestrian traffic, tourists, city cultural persona
    C. Crusade to assist global plight of digital artists
    A. Newspapers
    B.  Local TV, radio
    C. National/International
    D. art publication, internet, tourism publications advertisements
    E. logo, curve appeal frontage, signage
    F. Web site, affiliated institution links
4. Management/Staffing
5. Publications
6. Financing
    A. Building
    B. Costs
    C. Income
         (1) entry fees
         (2) gift shop 
               a. posters and postcards
               b. mugs, t-shirts
               c. catalogs, books
               d. matted small prints
               e. giclee prints
               f. miscellaneous souvenir items
         (3) traveling exhibits (Las Vegas Museum, U. Munich, Tokyo, Australia, Budapest, Estonia, Malaysia, India,etc.)
         (4) lecturers 
         (5) publications
              a. permanent collections catalog
              b. artist's online diary to paper publication
              c. biographies
              d. featured exhibition catalogs
         (6) art sales
              a. originals
              b. limited print editions
              c. unlimited prints
          (7) Museum Membership Program - membership fees, private preopenings/parties
          (8) featured invited artist exhibitions, exchange museum exhibits
          (9) fund raising events
         (11) federal, state, local government grants (staff writer), corporate grants
         (12) online art and gift shop sales Web site/Ebay store 
7. Exhibition Presentation
       A. unique exhibition experience; think Universal Studios; framed at, digital lg. screen
       B. meet the artist Pygoya - computer in middle of room, monitor on with human face grossly digitalized
       C. patrons recognition room - bronze plaques, sizes according to amount donated
       D. interactivity - ex. earphone commentary; computer graphics room, arts & crafts center
8. Perpetuality
       A. nonprofit organization/corporation
        B. trust foundation
             (1) investments-securities, bonds
              (2) working capital
              (3) endowments for the arts- ex. art scholarships, funding school art programs
              (4) dispersements to descendents, employees
       C. New building construction fund - Roman columns and atrium, cathedral ceiling, hard wood floorings
9. Museum Historian - archival documentation
      A. other museums
      B. retail galleries - giclee print editions
      C. education institutions - ex. U. Oregon, Lane Community College, OSU, U. Hawaii, U. Maine
      D. online art groups - The Webists (I am founder, R2001, NYC group, etc.)
      E.  other governmental departments 
      F.  Lane County school excursion and art education program
      G. high technology corporations - Microsoft, Apple, Epson, Dell, HP, Steve Case (AOL), Stephen King, etc.
      H. public relations and network communications personnel
      I. organize area cultural tour to include DIVA (Eugene), UO musuem, Emerald Art Center, etc.
      J. DIVA  (Eugene's Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts) exchange shows
11. Operations
       A. art insurance
       B. security
       C. docents - training program for tour guides
       D. lecture room and programs
       E. liability insurance
       F. parking
      G. building insurance
      H. public safety
      I.  maintenance - floors, janitorial, lighting, furnishings, office equipment, etc.
      J. framing 
      K.exhibition installations
      L. budgeting, accounting and accounting advisors
      N. advisors in management and entrepreneurship
      O. board of directors and developmental planning
12. Museum site alternatives
      A. state provided
      B. private investor acquisition of property
      C. leased space
      D. School facility
      E. Pygoya collection intact or split among institutions in different states-
           some originals, some giclee print editions; by chronology of productions (80s, 90s, 2000s) or subject matter
           (landscapes, figure, abstract, 3D, scultural, Pixelism, Hawaiiana, etc.)
      F. temporary startup available space and relocation into more stately quarters later