Pygoya, also known as Dr. Rodney Chang of Honolulu, is Hawaii's lst digital artist. With a Master of Arts in painting from Northern Illinois University, Pygoya eventually abandoned his multi-media approach (painting, sculpture, ceramic, photography, installations, mixed media assemblages) to expressing his creative energy and devoted himself totally to digital art expression and invention. This "specialization" was in 1985 and now there exists a huge body of works bridging sensitivity in painting and sculpture with digital imagery. Such a holistic approach to discovery of new artistic vision has been assisted with expanded life awareness through the accretion of 10 college degrees and a lifetime of performance in music and dance as explained at . The artist's biography and exhibition history is available online - .


Pygoya House in Hawaii showcases the paintings in the ambiance of architectural class. The artist himself designed the museum-like residence. The "gallery" setting can be reviewed online at . This residential presentation is a part of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum, an online virtual art museum web site established by Pygoya who has served as curator since 1997. Over 350,000 visitors have accessed it as of early 2000. Along with an ever expanding international collection of digital art, Pygoya's own lifeworks are featured in The Pygoya Webmuseum where his paintings, more recent "cyberart" and writings are shared with the world. His canvas paintings, many which have been exhibited in museums, can be reviewed at .

His most recent ongoing works, including works exhibited in India as "featured artist" of that country's historic "lst International Digital Art Exhibition" are present in Pygoya Webmuseum's Recent Works Gallery at .

For information about the artist's available limited edition quality Giclee art prints, please at .




Representation by Alex Alexander & Associates
P.O. Box 4704
Honolulu, Hawaii 96812

Cell: (808) 388-7699