Amazing!  Such an effort and capability to hunt and capture Pokenon.  Keep us posted as you go above Pinsir, Ponyta, Bulbasaur and Abra levels.


On 7/27/2016 6:43 PM, H Chang wrote:
I don't watch movies, only sports. 
Lucky for you.

I have more than her cause I play Pokemon all the time during my lunch break and after im done. I even play when it's almost midnight and pitch black outside with nobody around. I ride my bike around Hiki for maybe 15+ miles/day to catch more Pokemon and stock up on more items, since there's one Pokestop in Hiki, which is within a mile of my house, fortunately. If there was no Pokestop in Hiki, then it'll be very hard to catch more Pokemon and level up, because you need Pokeballs to catch them all. The first day it came out (last Friday), I rode for 4 hours after the office.

Then, went to the Hiki Middle School dinner in Tanabe. There are so many Pokestops and Pokemon spawn points because they said that there's more action where there's more famous areas and more cellular activity. There's even gyms there. Maybe around 5 or so. Since, theres no gyms in Hiki, I cant hold or take over a gym. Therefore, going Osaka and Tokyo would probably be the best areas to catch more Pokemon effectively and test gym battling skills. You would've expected to catch more Pokemon in rural areas where there's actually a bunch of trees and mountains, rather than buildings and parking lots. 

You also have to ride your bike a lot, not just to encounter more Pokemon, but also to hatch your eggs. There are 2 km, 5 km, and 10 km eggs. You have to walk/bike/drive (which is cheating) that distance in order to hatch them. But, your distance will only be tracked if you move at less  12-15 miles/hours or less, I think.  

There's also said to be a correlation between terrain and the type of Pokemon you encounter. The closer you are to the ocean, rivers, lakes, or any body of water the higher the chances of catching a water type Pokemon. If you are in the mountains, forests, parks, or anywhere where there's a lot of trees the higher the chances of catching a grass type Pokemon.

The following day after Pokemon Go's release, I went to Tanabe again to catch more Pokemon. I walked around for 6 hours or so (no breaks), and my Pokemon radar lead me to secret shrines and a shopping district that I didn't even know existed. They were the designated areas for Pokestops. I also ended up walking to the river and saw like a bunch of wild, huge koi in the river. I also randomly encountered a rare Dratini in a residental area next to a small stream. When I got home, I ate dinner, then went out again on my bike. I rode my bike for maybe 5 hours till almost 2 at night. I'm now level 20, in under a week. 

I realized that I also end up catching good Pokemon when I least expect it. I was walking all day in Tanabe and biking all night in Hiki. But, I ended up even catching a lot of rare Pokemon in my house! Near my house there are no consistent Pokemon spawn points. However, occasionally a Pokemon shows up once an hour. I had a Abra, level 450 Bulbasaur, level 500+ Ponyta, and a level 600+ Pinsir pop up. 

My battery runs out real quick. It goes from 100% to 0% in less than two hours. When I was in Tanabe, I had 20% left, so I went to any electronic store and bought a portable charger for $25. Now everytime when I Pokemon hunting,  my phone will be  charged up and ready to catch more Pokemon. 

In Hawaii, you probably can catch a lot of good, rare Pokemon if you go to places, such as Hanuama Bay, or Dole Plantation. Going near the Big Island house would also be good, but probably no Pokemon would really ever show up cause it's in the mountains and in the middle of nowhere. Maybe if you do go up to the Volcano Park further up the road though, you might be able to catch rare fire Pokemon cause its near a volcano and a famous spot for tourists. 

I have just less than three hours left here at the office, then its back to catching more Pokemon around Hiki.

On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 7:54 AM, pygoya wrote:
hi Hous,

How's the Pokemon GO! hunting going?  Rochelle said you have more than her.

Saw "Interstellar" on Netflex last nite with Bronson who choose it.  Did you see this awesome movie from 2 years ago?


Had turkey neck soup with Bronson at Zippy's last evening cuz Mom in Volcano.

Was eating saimin for lunch in place close to work and this guy brought over dish of oysters and king crab.  Guess he felt sorry for me.