PENTHOUSE- may be used  as gateway to feature special events
and exhibitions in the VIP Suite

The gallery exhibit floors are named in honor of some of the major cultural cities of the world.  The fantasy of Pygoya is that the virtual exhibits of cyberpaintings in each city's cyberspace gallery will someday be actual real world exhibits of the computer art paintings on canvas in each city's respective museum spaces.  Empty "canvases" on the walls are for impending new works.  Entry to each floor is from within the elevator. Looking out of it, the wall to the LEFT are all "cyberpaintings" (cyberart derived from actual paintings on canvases). The wall opposite the elevator or CENTER wall is the featured cyberpainting.  To the RIGHT of the elevator are mostly "cyberdigitals" (original digital art) and possibly a few cyberpaintings. The exhibit wall  E  (ELEVATOR) is between the "history" room and the elevator is features another prominent cyberpainting. In the History Room are the titles and year of creation for the works in the gallery.  For futher information of the works please refer to "archival documentation" in the Museum Informatin Center.  

Please now enter the virtual  3D  Elevator (link located below the Directory).   Scroll  up or down past the entry doors of floors  and click on the door's gallery names to enter. OR simply click on any of the listed floors in this directory. You need the Virtus 3D browser to enter the floors (Virtus Player).

USE THESE LINKS FOR VRML WITH FILE EXTENSION .wsb for Virtus Player, the virtual reality browser for this Web site's 3-D envirnoment.

Note - when entering individual 3D galleries you enter through an elevator space.  Within the elevator is a button with a music treble clef on it.  The button does not operate as of this first version of 3DWebsite Builder.  The buttons however have already been graphically installed for future music linking capability of the software by Virtus Corporation. Currently, for background music, please activate music option in HTML page that serves as portal to virtual reality galleries.


FLOOR  NO.         GALLERY NAME      

Floor 2                    
Amsterdam Gallery

Floor 3                    Buenos Aires Gallery

Floor 4                    Rio de Janeiro Gallery

Floor 5                    Mexico City Gallery

Floor 6                    Seoul Gallery 

Floor 7                    New Delphi Gallery

Floor 8                    Bangkok Gallery

Floor 9                    Stockholm Gallery

Floor 10                  Moscow Gallery

Floor 11                  Tokyo Gallery

Floor 12                  Montreal Gallery

Floor 13                  Tel Aviv Gallery

Floor 14                  Dublin Gallery

Floor 15                  Frankfurt Gallery

Floor 16                  Rome Gallery

Floor 17                  Paris Gallery

Floor 18                  Brussels Gallery

Floor 19                  Manila Gallery

Floor 20                  Athens Gallery    

Floor 21                 Shanghai Gallery

Floor 22                 Madrid Gallery

Floor 23                 Sidney Gallery

Floor 24                 Cairo Gallery

Floor 25                 London Gallery

Penthouse               New York City Gallery

                               VIP Suite Exhibit Room

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