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All item prices
INCLUDES handling/packaging & shipping to anywhere in the world. Prices are in U.S. dollars.

ITEM           ITEM#                   UNIT PRICE      UNITS   TOTAL 


1- "Stamp Your e-mail"                   $30.00 
2- "Art on the Internet"                 $30.00 
3 -"e-Art"                               $30.00 
4 -"Feel the Power"                      $30.00
5- "New Net Culture"                     $30.00 
6 -"Sunday Afternoon"                    $30.00
7 -"Class Excursion"                     $30.00 
8 -"Webart"                              $30.00


Complete Set of 6- $300.00

Card No. 1-
"Interface"       $50.00
Card No. 2-
"Oakridge"      $50.00
Card No. 3-
"Festival"        $50.00
Card No. 4-
"Aurora"         $50.00
Card No. 5-
"Life Force"    $50.00
Card No. 6-
"Pharaoh"       $50.00

2nd Complete Set of 6- $250.00


Item No. 1 - "Assembly"
6 duplicates minimum order  $4.00

Item No. 2- "Card Set I"
set of 3 landscape cards
by Tran Phuong $5.00


Item No.1- "Webfelt"                             $40.00
Item No.2-
"Pygoya Webmuseum"        $40.00
Item No.3-
"Tran Phuong Visions"      $40.00
Item No.4-
"Pygoyan Sculpture"          $40.00
Item No.5-
"Cyberpaintings"                $40.00
Item No.6-
"Cyberdigitals"                   $40.00

Limited edition of 250 color laser prints for each item, signed & numbered by the artist Pygoya, approximately 6"x 8"image fits within image area of standard 11" x 14" mat, cardboard backing,  plastic wrapping, no frame, handling and shipping costs included in the price.  No photographic print editions available.


Item No.1- "Pygoya Cap Set"           $5.00
Item No.2-
"Stampac Set"                 $5.00
Item No.3-
"Bug Collection"            $5.00
Item No.4-
"Have A Nice Day"
    5 duplicate      minimum order        $5.00
Item No.5-
"World's Most Valuable Cap"
    -gold,diamonds, silver, board    $1,200.00
(if permission is granted, purchaser/new owner's name and country will be listed at this site)


"Bunny Angel 12"                     $35.00
"Pastel Angel 8"                        $25.00
"Angel Ornament 3.5"              $20.00
"Ogami Doll Bookmarks"         $25.00
"Watercolor Angel Painting"-  $35.00
          ROSE- _____
          BLUE- _____
          Caption: A- ____
                        B- ____
                        C- ____


Original watercolors done on archival watercolor paper by The Webmuseum Theater's first director.  The bright and energetic color palette of the artist's work not only mirrors the artist's personality but also his fourteen years of working in the computer graphics and animation media.

All works are in an approximate 8" x 11" format. Many are done outdoors, "on location", on the beaches and other scenic  gems of the island of O'ahu of Hawaii.  All works signed by the artist. The paintings are affixed to a foamcore backing and matted.  All works, including shipping and handling to anywhere in the world, sell for $75.00 each.

THE BROWSER'S GUIDEBOOK to the Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart

Souvenir hardcopy, plastic spiral spine, some color. Edition I, 1997-
$15.00,  includes handling, packaging and shipping

The website's inaugural year 's Collector's Edition of 1,997, Pygoya signed & numbered transparent plastic covers, plastic collating spiral of same color as brushstroke of paint on cover. $25.00, includes handling, packaging and shipping

3-D GLASSES - $3.50 includes shipping everywhere

MORE GIFT ITEMS (order form page 2): signed photographic and color laser prints by the artists - Pygoya, Phuong Tran, Mingli Jiang and Sandra Young


please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery


NAME ____________________________________



TELEPHONE _________________ FAX _________________

EMAIL _______________________

To order by mail, send completed order form to:

Pygoya Webmuseum Gift Shop
P.O. Box 26261
Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. 96825-6261

or Email:

To order by fax , use fax number to send order form: 1-(808)-841-6872

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