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May 24-December 31, 1997


Experience the Web's longest ("Dipstick") and widest ("Bandwidth") cyberart/graphics in the Potpourri Gallery! - May 30, 1997

PAGE=CELL interactive animation concept; using whole screen html page as a "cell" of animation, browser "flips" cells for elementary but online animation effect through mouse clicking control -June 2, 1997, Pygoya

OFF-SITE interactive art project established - join in and participate in a collaborative art piece by the browser with a Web site and Pygoya; details at the artist's virtual home away from home at Towne Square 2000  -June 6, 1997

The museum has just secured assistance to have the "Introduction to the Museum" page and "Titles of Works" of the Tokyo Gallery Archival Documentation page translated into Japanese for our Japanese visitors. Help with translations of text for the Pygoya's other VRML  international city galleries  is welcomed -  June 8, 1997

Check out Ambit Design's new Geo Cities homepage, Xeero - all new graphics and page designing; reveiw "'cyberstuff', philosophies and virtual objects"- June 8, 1997

ART LOUNGE - No scheduled invited artist reception at this early stage of the site development (June 1997); chatroom currently used for private chat conferencing by cyberstaff.

WEBMUSEUM RECEPTION HALL - No scheduled public forum or session at this time; may use the link, at any time, to merely travel directly to Talk City IRC Web site from here (July 1997)

RINGS - networked sites for browsers by topic or site content

The Webmuseums of Webmuseum Cybercolony are members of the VRML Ring, Artusts of the Web Ring (1997), 3-D Ring, EAS Webring, and the Award Ring network rings

joined in December 1997

joined in December 1997

eas - member joined in December 1997

NEW from Tripod.Com, over 400,000 members as of July 1997, free membership available

The Daily Scoop - daily important items and "gems" about and on the Web

ScreenLife - all kinds of assistance and information on Web publishing

Toybox - jokes, toys, games and other Web fun to keep you entertained

The above features linked in the Webmuseum Cyberculture Research Library, Miscellaneous stacks

Wired Cibrarian - great source of references, technology, current affairs, business, recreation, investing, media, culture and health and science by

Newsworks - comprehensive online news service

Mars! - imagery of space has always been inspiration to Pygoya and his generation; here a link to NASA; posted here July 5, 1997, a day after the landing on the planet

Pygoya is working on a Martian cyberdigital art piece, to be accompanied by the cyber-haiku poem-

Silent landscape stilled

Chilled reddened eyes cyberspaced-

Martian rocks email

"Human side of Sojourner", partial exerpt of article by Ellen Goodman, Boston-based writer on modern social issues (July 10, 1997)

CYBERART SPACE GALLERY - to be added to the Special Effects Galleries section of Pygoya Webmuseum, then possibly expanded to its own VRML webmuseum in the future. The Mars project has really stirred up Pygoya's life long fascination with Space and it's mysteries. With the success of Pathfinder and its robot rover, NASA's stepped up itinerary of scheduled explorations of our solar system is assured. Space as subject matter for future 3D cyberart promises to be a major direction for Pygoya. (July 11, 1997). Exhibit opens October 31, 1997

Gallery exhibition uploaded online October 27, 1997; first works by Pygoya using Bryce 2 software

Finally, on July 11, 1997, the VRML section of this Web site was completed and uploaded to the server for immediate access by the Internet community.

THE MAUSOLEUM ART MUSEUM, established online August 14, 1997 as an orignal "cyberart" form and service; for perpetuation of the creative work and memory of deceased artists; in Sector III of domain (URL), NOT a part of Webmuseum Cybercolony.

Artists Curtis Martin and Sinclair accept induction of their art into The Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart. Martin is from Ohio and Sinclair lives in New York. Congratulations!

Coming soon - SWEEPSTAKE PRIZES! for signing into the Visitors Registry 9/12/97 signs with G.O.D. (Europe's leading search engine); AAA/Matilda, an international search engine based in Australia (with a name like that, where else?), looks promising as a great resource for inviting global WEb surfers to visit our online museums. 9/97

AT&T COMES IN 2ND! (only 9 years too late!) - Linda Xu, spokesperson for AT&T-Beijing, posted on the Internet that an AT&T sponsored technologicl art exhibition of "cyberart" at the China National Museum of Fine Arts (5/97) was the FIRST digital art exhibition in a major museum of the People's Republic of China. Our staff emailed her to brush up on her Chinese art history before making such proclamations in public.
She was duly informed of the solo exhibition (consisting of 100 framed 16x20" digital works on the main lst floor exhibit space) by the invited American artist Pygoya at the Shanghai State Art Museum in Shanghai, P.R. of China - in
1988. For verification of such a claim she was informed that the museum's exhibition catalog (in which is written by the musuem curator that this is the first computer art exhibit in all of China) is available in our Gift Shop. Well, it's good to sometimes come in first when your name is! ;) 9/13/97

September 17, 1997: The Visitor's Registry is now available! Please sign to 1) have a chance to win a monthly sweepstake prize (it's going to be exciting to quantify visitors are indeed from all over the planet!) and 2) get on the museum's mailing list for preopening announcements of shows and events; chat with the invited artists for special exhibits at their "art opening receptions" in the museum's "Reception Hall". Mark these future openings on your cyber-calendars!

New cyber-piece by Pygoya: Pygoya Webmuseum/Special Effects Galleries/Potpourri Gallery :

"Recycled Banners", 9/17/97

New inclusion into Potpourri Gallery - 9/18/97

"LITERALLY BEYOND CYBERSPACE" - actual letter by Pygoya included in "Postcards to the Edge" that is to be literally transmitted into outer space by in November. Travel time estimated at potentially "thousands of years" at the "speed of light" in search of the universal anwser. Back here on Earth our ears will be listening...

Cyberart concept here is a transmittance, thoughts projected to outerspace for what could travel for eternity....

Added to site's Entry page: Web site's Quick Peek Art Portfolios. A few have emailed that it was too difficult to navigate the site to finally see some art. So now, straight to the good stuff for those who rather not search and discover. The Cyberstaff, September 19, 1997

The RANDOM BUTTON experiments with HTML elements of surprise integrated with art "peeks" and Chance to get a cyberartistic experience for the user.

Roz Dimon of New York City and Glen Southern of England contribute works No. 6 & 7 into the Rave Webmuseum, October 1, 1997

4-person exhibition from Cyber-France marks the historic lst virtual exhibition of Pygoya Webmuseum's Cyberists Hall. Exhibit dates: October 7, 1997 till March 1998. The selected works from the Web artists are with consent and appreciation from Thomas Vincent, Pierre Roux, Arnaud Riess and Claudio Gallego. The show is "mirrored" as a hardcopy print show in 4 Honolulu city locations to salute the concurrent 2 million dollar project of "Crossings". In 1989 38 Hawaii artists (including Pygoya) were invited to exhibit in Paris by the French government. Now, October and November 1997, in Hawaii's prominent musuems and galleries, 28 French contemporary artists are in town for their part in "Crossings".

New online Recent Works Gallery- Pygoya's start up works with Bryce 2; launched November 13, 1997

Mac version of Player, vrml browser for site's virtual reality galleries, made available as download plug in from site as of November 5, 1997. Player is freeware from

Internet's lst(?) WEB SITE DESKTOP BOOKMARK for browsing convenience; conceived (while stuck in morning traffic) and designed by Pygoya and uploaded November 25, 1997

Navigation made even EASIER through guided tours around the Web site; select by amount of browsing time available, adapted for new visitor introductory or returning serious surfers; tour guides established December 7, 1997; sorry, no Japanese language tour guide yet.

"Predator" of Bryce 2 origina replace "Assembly" of Amiga 1000 vintage as the Featured Full Screen Work of Art of Pygoya, change made November 30, 1997.

Debbi Germann's Dancer inducted into Rave Webmuseum in November 1997

Feliz Natal e Próspero Ano Novo!
from Brazilian digital artist Alfonso Cesar Machado Klein
"Happy and Prosperous New Year" in Portuguese

Date: Thu, 25 Dec 1997 06:16:24 -0200

Preparations for VIP Suite Gallery's inaugural exhibit by Debbi Germann, Reception Hall chat room ready for tomorrow's "meet the artist" gala virtual party; vrml exhibit hung and archival exhibit catalog complete and online; email invitations sent, including editors of Web Magazine and Yahoo! Internet Life magazine- cyberstaff, December 31, 1997 (New Year's Eve)

preserved notice for posterity:

Be part of a historic Web art event and attend the online
Artist's Reception in the Webmuseum's
Reception Hall (chat room)
January 1st, 18:00 (6p.m.)-USA Pacific Coast time zone (Seattle,WA);

approximately 30 minutes chat

"Site Mission" posted on site homepage December 31, 1997

Series 2 of Exhibit I of Pygoya Recent Works Gallery installed online to wrap up a busy year at Pygoya Webmuseum - December 31, 1997