Rodney Chang
or Pygoya, Cyberartist of the Web

About Pygoya, a.k.a. Rodney Chang - self portraits below

Education- effort documented in "Ripley's Believe It or Not!"

Selected Exhibitions-major exhibitions

1997-Present Exhibitions- exhibitions since entering Web presence

All Life Exhibitions- documentation of all exhibitions of the artist since his start in 1968

Major Projects- major projects and events of the artist's life that influence his art

Virtual Residence on the Web -Pygoya's virtual "Home on the Web"

Articles & Publications -sampling of media coverage of the artist's work and life

Artist's Journal- in depth sampling of the artist's personal pages from his private notebooks and journal; includes some documented articles and publications about the artist's works. Browser's note: material here is scanned jpgs, not HTML text at this time. So Artist's Journal is NOT for the casual browser but for those who seek more in depth information about the artist and his concepts from his original documents and diary.

Pygoya's Favorite Self-Portraits:

as the Disco Doc in 1979 (age 33)

as the "artist's portrait" in a Primitive Art group show , 1985

as a "computer artist", 1986 (age 40)




as SoHo too Gallery director, 1986




Pygoya at Pygoya Webmuseum Opening, 1997

photo credit: Erlinda Feliciano

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