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Master Calendar of Cyber Events

International PDQ-The Post-Dogmatist Quarterly

The International Post-Dogmatist Group's Light Home in the Shining Mountains- (the San Juans in Southern Colorado)

The Ontological Museum

Virtual Reality vs. CyberSpace- paper by Paul Clegg

Wandering lost among the cyber art galleries-art critic Hazel Friedman of the Mail & Guardian of South Africa

Flags of The World

Entropy8 - has received many Web awards (in's)as one of the best designed Web sites; New York artist Auriea Harvey

The Digital Cult - William Truong, editor

Simply Spiritual Online - gifted spiritual counselors clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient and ESP. We specialize in comprehensive information on dream interpretation, past life regression, reincarnation & prophecy that will enable you to self heal through intuitive insights involving Karma & Dharma. - William Truong, alternative art artist

Aereal Instant VRML Home World - a central resource and link listing of VRML on the Web

Screams Across the Web - special site listing for Halloween 1996; page design by Auriea Harvey (one of her most satisfying design project results)


Cyberculture- TIME Cover Story- Phillip Elmer-Dewitt, Edited by J.Frost

Networking In the Mind Age-Alexander Chislenko, 1994

Electronic Democracies-Stuart Dann

Datum Communications-Stuart Dann

It's A Mad Bad Virtual World

The Netkzne Cyberculture Page


Metaphors and the Net-Jerry Michalski

The English Services Cyberculture Index-Techno Culture-Sean Zdenek

AJL Cyberculture Web Pages

Virtual Worlds Resources-Harold Rheingold

Megacities 2000 Foundation

Information Society Trends

Online Community Resources on the Net

The Centre for the Study of Online Community

Cyberculture Books

My Favorite Cyberculture Sites -Bruce Sterling

Fringeware Review Homepage

R.U. Sirius's Web of Deceit

The Mutate Project

Survival Research Laboratories

Kroker's Home Page-Spasm, C-Theory, etc.

Panic Encyclopedia- "the Definitive Guide to the Postmodern Scene"; "panic is the key psychological mood of Postmodern culture"

Electronic Communities

Cyberspace: The New Frontier- Laboratory for Applied Logic, University of Idaho

Cyber Cafes Guide

The Web's Edge Shack


The Netizen


Cyberspace Highway-by Swede Thomas Berghemmer

First Church of Cyberspace- Christian

Computers and Society Articles Collection-Washington University in St. Louis

Social Life In Cyberspace Washington University in St. Louis

Santa.Net- now kids can send Santa e-mail

The Psychology of Avatars - by Professor Suler at Rider University

The Prophecies of Nostradamus

Hyperreal -art, dance, music, altered state of consciousness, experimental


The Puffy Village- strange virtual village originating from Minneapolis

The Globe

Cyberspace Overview - from Brown University

Electric Minds



Angelfire Communications-free sites for this online community

Tripodtargets 20-something generation

Fortune City

Ancient Worlds

VirtualAve- 20 MG free to join the community; commercial site OK

Homestead.Com - 5 MB per site per Webmaster, but invited friends can join in and add to site at a current maxium of l MB per person (10/98); create as many different "homesteads" (sites) as you wish; online site building software uses Java and requires minimum of 32 MB of ram. - teens and twentysomethings dominate


JCM ArtiStamp Gallery-Fake Stamps, Psuedo Stamps, Faux Stamps & CyberStamps

Color Therapy-includes the color therapy of staring at blank screens of different colors!




The 9th International Sumpoisum on Electronic Art's Revolution 98's selected top 20 websites- with financial support from the European Commission

The folowing projects from around the world represent the wide range of possibilities being explored on the internet right now: from the construction of virtual worlds, inhabited by virtual beings, to the exploration of virtual galleries and magazines.  The websites examine global issues such as the human condition, consumerism, the commodification of art, the potential and limitations of new technology, as well as providing a forum for the discussion of personal concerns such as our fears and hopes for the future. - isea98 catalog

Apsolutno, Yugoslavia - The Absolute Sale

Artworld Anonymous, Hungary - Anonymous

Anne Baker, UK - Scars

Andy Best & Merja Puustinen, Finland - Conversations with Angels

David Bickerstaff, UK - Ubiquity

Andrew Brook, Susan Collins, Elizabeth Getsakis & Graham Gussin, UK & Australia

Shu Lea Cheang, USA - Buy One Get One

Shu Lea Cheang, USA - Brandon

Madge Gleeson, USA - MeMart

Ken Goldberg, USA - The Shadow Server

Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope, UK - An Artist's Impression

Alexei Isaev, Russia - The Revolution

Jodi, Spain - Jodi

Tiia Johannson, Estonia - Words

Tapio Makela & Susanna Paasonen, Finland - Ground

Jose Macas de Carvalho, Portugal - Hotline

Juliet Martin, USA - My Computer Never Thinks of Me

Nelli Rohtvee, Estonia - Net Poetry 2

Nikola Velkov, Macedonia - Revolution, Sabotage and Terror

Leoudaki Zoe, Greece - The Descent of Chimera