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          Pygoya  2010

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Profile Sheet 1997

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About Web artist Pygoya   (a.k.a. Rodney Chang) - self portraits below

Education- effort documented in "Ripley's Believe It or Not!"

Selected Exhibitions-major exhibitions

1997-Present Exhibitions- exhibitions since entering Web presence

All Life Exhibitions- documentation of all exhibitions of the artist since his start in 1968

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Major Projects- major projects and events of the artist's life that influence his art

Virtual Residence on the Web -Pygoya's virtual "Home on the Web"

Articles, Publications, TV & Radio  -sampling of media coverage of the artist's work and life

Glimpse at Rodney Pygoya Chang

Firsts in Pygoya's Life

Artist's Journal- in depth sampling of the artist's personal pages from his private notebooks and journal; includes some documented articles and publications about the artist's works. Browser's note: material here is scanned jpgs, not HTML text at this time. So Artist's Journal is NOT for the casual browser but for those who seek more in depth information about the artist and his concepts from his original documents and diary.

Samples of Pygoya Computer Paintings

Who's Who in the World (1993-2005, including 21st Edition) , Who's Who in America (including 54th-59th-60th Editions & the 62nd for 2008), Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare (4th Edition, 2002)

Campus Clatter ; found on the Web: '72 vs. '02 (or 30 years ago)

Pygoya's Featured Full Screen Artwork, changing selections over time

Honolulu future Mayor greets Shanghai Mayor - the politics of art

Artist's Portrait 2002 - by Rochelle Chang

Curatorial Award 2002

Honorary Professor title 1988

Rodney Chang "Rewrites" Art History? - 2003

Global Register Who's Who - 2007

Member of Association of Hawaii Artists, Roswell Fine Arts League, American Dental Association, The Webists, New Zone

America's Top Dentists - 2009 Edition

Arts Editor, Mahogany magazine, May 2013- (circulation 60,000 in Mexico, California & Hawaii)


Pygoya's Favorite Self-Portraits:


graduated from U. of Hawaii (age 22); a loving
mother's farewell at the airport as Py heads 
out to start dental school in Chicago, 1968



10 years later, creator of nationally acclaimed
discotheque clinic in Hawaii

as the Disco Doc in 1979 (age 33)




1980, Art Psychology, Ph.D (age 35)




Rodney Chang, 1983




Halloween 1987 (age 42)

as the "artist's portrait" in a Primitive Art group show , 1985

as a "computer artist", 1986 (age 40)




as SoHo too Gallery director, 1986



Pygoya with daughter Rochelle, 1994




Pygoya at Pygoya Webmuseum Opening, 1997

photo credit: Erlinda Feliciano



lvartist.jpg (13846 bytes)

Artist-In-CyberResidence, 1998
Las Vegas Art Museum


julie.jpg (16687 bytes)

Halloween 98



pynov99.jpg (4681 bytes)     
Oct. 1999




familnov99.jpg (25998 bytes)

The Pygoyan Clan -@ arrival 2000

Hey Ya'aw deaf!? I said put yaw stuff down,
look at the birdie and say CHEESE, dammit!!



py54.jpg (6334 bytes)

Pygoya at 55 - 2000




roddec2000.jpg (25370 bytes)

Living part-time in Hilo/Puna  Sept-Dec. 2000



      Web artist  Pygoya  2002




Disco Doc - dancing every Sat. nite, 2002




parent of 100 Cyberbabies 2002




Portrait of Pygoya, by Hans-Dieter Grossman,  reknown digital artist of Germany 2002



Widely circulated portrait, 2002




Aloha, Aina Haina, 2003



Peek-a-boo! Py with sister artist Sandra Young, 2003



X-biker, Higgins 50s model, Py at 
last visit to sold family Hawaii homestead, 2003



Py, 57, 2003


Webist leaders, Europe 2003


Budapest, Hungary, 2003



Pygoya at Vienna opening, 2003



Pygoya at Che Pasta reception, 2004



Pygoya, 58, 2004




       Pygoya  11/26/2004



Pygoya 2005



Pygoya, 2006




Pygoya 2008




Halloween 2012





Siblings - left to right: Rodney, Sylvia, Sandra, Verna, and Clayton   Nov. 2012






2013, Facebook, Truly Virtual Web Art Museum, Director






At Andrea's Volcano Gardens, Big Island   June 2, 2013






Dancing in his residential "Volcano Disco" - Volcano, 
Hawaii, 2012





2013- from 2010 photo




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