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General References-


zero1ARTsearch- "Come see the creative sites you've been missing", unique art-only search engine

Worldwide Time Differences

Merriam-Webster Online

Roget's Thesaurus

Virtual Reference Desk

My Virtual Reference Desk-My Virtual Newspaper

Voice of the Shuttle: Art & History Page

Blue Web'n Applications Library-library of many disciplines

Online Class:Internet Education Project-emphasis on international perspective projects

B.J. Pinchbeck

The Mad Scientist Network - need help with your science homework? Ask real scientists here for free; over 25 different disciplines to get real answers

Cells Alive - the site's a virtual microscope!

Ask An Expert Page

WiseWire-creates customized article searches over Web by subject

Global Campus

The Pocket Internet - like sticking a 60-page guidebook in your back pocket as you go online to tour

Cyberatlas - Internet research, including American demographics

Cyberatlas- Internet research, international demographics

Market Research on the Consumer Online Industry

Nielsen Media Research-Interactive Services

Internet Statistics

Bruce Klopfenstein's Links to WWW Demographics

Science Now-Science magazine's posting of the what's new in science

Gifted in Art, UConn  - The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented, Univeristy of Connecticut; research in the gifted and talented in art

NASA's Observatorium - NASA's public access site to Earth and space data; directed towards a student audience


Anthropology - Anthropology Resources on the Internet

Architecture - University of Buffalo: PAIRC

Art History - Art History Research Centre
                     Art History Online
- Western & Asian art history; University of Hong Kong
                      Chinese Art History

Biology - INFOMINE: Biological, Agricultural, and Medical Sciences

Chemistry - Sheffield ChemDex

Computer Science - The WWW Virtual Library: Computing

History - Horus' History Links

International Studies- The WWW Virtual Library:IAN Web

Philosophy - Episteme Links

Physics - TIPTOP: The Internet Pilot to Physics

Psychology- PsychWeb

Religion -Mike's Religion Page: Table of Faiths

Sociology - Allyn & Bacon Sociology Links

Woman's Studies- InforM: Women's Studies Resources

Zoology- BIOSIS: Biosystematics and Life Science Resources