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Artists of the Web Ring Web space!-

This is the URL for free webspace that was thoughtfully passed along to us
by Cecil. I put up a site today and think the service is great, especially
for anyone on a budget - and what artist isn't. HyperMart's banner is
rather large, but not overwhelming, and can appear either at the top of
your pages, or in separate windows. You must be in business, ie, selling

- an add it yourself service of Arts Wire which is a program of the New York Foundation for
the Arts.

New Slide Mount- This is a new slide lable that covers the entire slide mount.

art4art - art resources, free art space

The Artists' Exchange

Antiques World

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient and Modern World

Renaissance and Baroque Architecture

Corbis - large collection of digital images

Michael Jordan

Major League Baseball

NETLiNkS! Art (Directories, Icons, Exhibitions)

World Wide Arts Resources

JetPack- high tech design

Women in America

National Museum of the American Indian

Submit This!

Broadcaster- 100+ free URL submitting program based in UK; great service

Submit700+-yes, free URL submitting to 700+ search engines and directories in exchange for placing its banner on your page(s); automating periodic resubmitting if banner kept on your site long term

the Art Electronic Network

Arts First

Search Europe- European search engine, free URL submitting


BusinessWeb - CompuServe's Web-design resource to assist in design and maintaining a Web site

Vulcan Virtual Zoo -Net zoo

InterFace Magazine

Article on the year 2001 on the human race

National Trust for Historic Preservation Humanities

Amagazine - ezine for Asians

Orient Magazine - ezine on the Orient

Asia Trade

Asia Art - resource on Asian art

Atlantic Unbound

Jupiter Communications

New York Post Online Edition

New York Times :Books

Literascape-virtual bookstore

Antiques and Collectibles Guide

Dead Fish Online Magazine - Asian X-Generation ezine

Amphion - Belgium site art links

Sztuka Fabryka Gallery- Antwerpen, Belgium art site

A Poem A Week--Other Poetry Links

National Caves Association

Kids Connect-service project of American Association of School Librarians

Rogue Media - Hong Kong multimedia design group

Truly Computer Graphics- Cool Hot Links


National Space Society Online

National History Museum

U.S. Geological Survey -maps aglore

SeaWeb- about the Sea

General Art Sources

Art Sites Index

Searchpoint -one of my favorite search engines

Starting Point -another cool search engine

Scrub the Web -search engine that combines search effort with other search engines

RANK THIS- dare to check keywords and see where your site list in the top 200 listing if at all!

Award-It - all-in-one place to apply for Web site awards

Contest-Network - all-in-one place to apply for Web site awards

Live From the Hubble Telescope

The Origami Page

World Village

Culture Zone-ezine


The Tackiest Place in America- sumbit your nominated place

Static Magazine-ezine


BBS Magazine

PC Graphics and Video Links

UFOclopedia-UFO sources; nice Web design

AT&T Beijing - Linda Xu; ; info on digital art exhibition at Beijing Art Museum, May 1997; AT&T Hongkong- Miranda Duff; <>

Galerie 500

The Onion-very funny, satrical social commentary ezine

Hispanic Online

Art & Antiques Magazine

Poem of the Week

The Albany Poetry Workshop

Electric Mercado- "Latino cultural center and marketplace"


Ludtke Land

Metaphysical Resources on the Net

IBIS-EXPLORE THE DIASPORA-International Black Index Source Directory

Asia Society

Powersource Native American Art and Education Center

Teen Advice Online

Baby Boomers Homepage


Judy L. Tucker's Writers' Places

Antique Lures

Philosophy (Humanities)

Cosmic Images

Edge-about science by scientists

Brain Tennis -more serious scientific discussions

A Fractal Frame of Mind

The Sci-Fi Channel Online (Dominion) -"postcards to the edge" -email to outerspace in Nov.97

USGS Geological Time Online- great 3D graph of eons through time

Advertising Age's 50 Best Commericals

Links to art on the web: galleries, museums, exhibitions

Bernie's Disco Music Page-some sound samples available

Halloween Collectibles

ArtSpeaks ~ OREGON

Communication Arts: Web Resources

Artist Information

Common Errors in English

Save the Adverb!

Silicon Valley Slang

1000 Points of Art Index

100s Screen Savers

Coin World Online



Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection

China Vista

New Riders Yellow Pages - like a telephone book directory of Web sites

Harley Hahn's Internet & Web-another publisher of reference text on Web sites

PhotoModeler 3D Web Links