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The Quotations Page - you can enter your own quotes and get credit/blame for it!

Bereavement and Hospice Support Netline -resource directory includes information on our
Mausoleum Art Museum for ALL deceased artists, no matter what level of success achieved in life.

BrowserWatch-Plug-in Plaza

The Pocket Internet - Is it possible?-the Internet in a 60 page nutshell! (1997)

Shockwave -download free plug-in here

RealNetworks- RealAudio and RealVideo plug-ins

Digital Fine Arts Directory

Information SuperLibrary - Macmillan Publishing books, search engines

Phase of the Moon - in case you're in the mood to know; think cybermoon art?

The Nine Planets -ours of course

HomeCom - Web site development and maintenance

Mesh Mart - 3D models for VRML enivironments

Yellowdog - comic desktops designs

Icons for HTML- free bullets, graphics, icons

The Mad Scientist Network - need help with your science homework? Ask real scientists here for free; over 25 different disciplines to get real answers

Jazz Central Station

World Wide Art Resources - "the largest gateway to the Arts!"

Fine Art Forum Resource Directory

Yahoo!-Online Digital Art Exhibits

Exploratorium Exploranet-San Francisco Exploratorium's site

The Journal of Contemporary Art

Webmuseum:Artist Index

Syndicate23:A Museum Without Walls - invited to show your art here

NewsWorks -consortium of 9 large newspaper publishers linking over 150 newspapers nationwide (USA) from 130 affiliated newspaper Web sites; includes word and phrase search engine for content of all newspapers; online July 1, 1997; truly the MEGA-NEWSPAPER of the Net!

The Daily Scoop - daily news of the Web from Tripod.Com

ScreenLife - information and resources of Web publishing from Tripod.Com

Toybox - jokes, toys, games and other good stuff to keep you entertained at Tripod.Com

Mars! - USA Pathfinder and its Mars Rover lands on planet Mars July 4, 1997; added this link here July 5, 1997 as inspiration for cyberspace art ideas; NASA site

More Mars! - Silicon Graphics site

Wired Cybrarian - extensive information database and search engines by

Netcom Homeport News

Classifieds 2000 - place a free listing!

RISCO- Portuguese virtual museum (CD-ROM) maker with Website for artists, digital theorists and Net developers; non-English

Sand Castle Central - now you can learn how to do it like a pro at the beach!

Artforum - its e-zine

Art Review - review of British art & collecting

Art Focus - Canadian art e-zine

Netlingo- "FREE dictinoary of Internet terms"

The Binary Homepage - 000011100010101010000111100101001000101111010101001000

Catch Up - freeshare and shareware updating; scans your hard disk

CyberMedia:Free Software- trial versions of First Aid and Oil Change software

Illusion Works - illusory art by such artists as Escher and Fukuda

JumboHub -massive site by students of Tufts Univeristy, including student art

SemioMap - uncovers relationships between terms or concepts

USA Today



The New Yorker

The Village Voice

ZD Net



The History Net

Classical Insites

A Virtual Tour of the Sun-by Michiel Berger for Holland's annual Science Day

Hubble Space Telescope Pictures

File Mine- shareware and other software programs resource

Fallout -e-zine on "fallout from the American dream"

Strange Magazine

Sideshow Banners -sideshow carnival posters

Quando - events going on in over 1,600 U.S. cities

Introduction to Brain Chemistry

Science Made Stupid-esosteric facts from unusual research

The Random Knowledge Generator - from the Mad Scientists Network

Amazing Applications of Modern Technology

Craig's Scientific Journal

Einstein Revealed

National Center For Science Foundation

Knots on the Web


Games Domain


Happy Puppy Games


Cockroach World


That Blues Music Page

The Original Elvis Home Page

The Weather Channel


Art Daily

Consumerworld -links to Better Business Bureau

YIL's Surf School-downloading software info




Internet Society


Real Saigon


The Net:Users Guidelines and Netiquette

A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email

Search Engine Watch - information of the latest news and changes among search engines

The Jumbo Download Network - large collection of freeware, shareware and demos

A Word A Day- mailed to you to increase your vocabulary

Acronyms and Abbreviations



Star Trek : The Next Generation

Griz's Star Wars Homepage

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5

Strange Fund

Chile Lindo-
ezine for Chilean expatriates

Timeout Worldwide City Guides- British-based review of international cities

National Parents Information Network

Parent Soup

Parents Place

VistMe-build your own chat room complete with avatar, 30 day free trial software