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I have forced myself,
to contradict myself,
to avoid conforming to my own taste.

Marcel Duchamp


NOTE: May 20, 2013 - 15 years later1

Other pundits have compared the deal to Yahoo's rather insane, $3.57 billion acquisition of Web-hoster GeoCities in 1999. Yahoo shut that service down 10 years later, having derived very little value from it. There are some similarities -- a lot of what gets posted on Tumblr is inane or nasty (or, unlike GeoCities, pornographic), which makes some advertisers nervous, especially the bigger ones - from



"DIPSTICK" , 1997, Pygoya- probably the deepest cyberart on the Web; 45.9kB;  automatic scrolling version, 1998

"BOTTLED CYBERART" ("Secret ID", "Secret Code"), 1997, Pygoya- download the bottled art, then expand the pixel dimensions to see the secret pictures

"BEHIND THE SCENES", 1997, Pygoya- appreciate the virtual presence of the unseen

"THE PIXEL", 1997, Pygoya- the Minimalist; also a homage to Serat and Pointilism

"AVATAR", 1996, Pygoya- portrait on a young cybernaut and avatar of Cyberspace

"INVASION OF GEOCITIES.COM", 1997, Pygoya-  his virtual residence was among the casualties in this "invasion" on April 26, 1997

"BANDWIDTH", 1997, Pygoya - this could be the  l o n g e s t  art piece on the Web in 1997; you have to be patient to download 133.7 kB, but then you can see you have seen it & had it on your monitor.

"PYGOYAMATION NO. 1", 1997-Pygoya's first made-for-the-Web GIF cyberanimation - 109 KB with sound

"PYGOYAMATION NO. 2", 1997, Pygoya's "Pygoyanimation No.2" in the extended and complete version of "Pygoyamation No. 1"; of course a larger file size; for those who enjoyed the abbreviated,  sampling version and are now willing to download the complete piece- 1.7 MB( not for the casual surfer), with sound

"MONA", 1997, Pygoya-"It's Alive!" or greet her at; fulfill your fantasy of seeing the Mona Lisa express herself- 664 KB

"RAINBOW", 1997, Pygoya- first attempt for full screen interactive animation using html pages as animation cells

"I'M DRAWING THE LINE RIGHT !", #*%! - Pygoya, September 1997

"RECYCLED BANNERS", Pygoya, September 17, 1997; set of 6 banners launched into Cyberspace this week as cyber-beacons of the last place of the Web, now a cyberart piece as informational "cells" of GIF animation. Two ways to target the aesthetic moment:

slower download version 1:the art experience is during the playing time of the animation(559K)

faster download version 2 : the art experience is the downloading time of the animation (69K)

"LITERALLY BEYOND CYBERSPACE" - actual letter by Pygoya included in "Postcards to the Edge" that is to be transmitted into outer space by Travel time estimated at potentially "thousands of years" at the "speed of light" in search of the universal anwser. Back here on Earth our ears will be listening...

Cyberart concept here is a transmittance, thoughts projected to outerspace for what could travel for eternity....


"COLOR EYE TEST" - full screen abstract animation with sound; December 1998


THE THUMBNAIL SERIES - All Thumbs!, January 1998

"Thumbnail's Purpose"

"Thumbnail Long Addition"

"Part of the Sum"

"Thumb's Up!"

"Thumb Framed"

"Thumb Examination"



"WWW.HOMEPAGE_FLAGS" - webmasters of homepages are invited to participate in a collaborative art piece; travel to Towne Square 2000 for details


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