Larry Lovett (Lawrence K. Lovett) Born: Chicago 1942 Education: Antioch Colllege B.A. in fine art. Columbia University (NYC) M.A. in art education. Academic Awards: Scholarship, American Students and Artists Center, Paris, France

Research Assistanceship, Horace Mann-Lincoln Inst. Columbia U. NYC

Shows Smithsonian Inst. Washington D.C. "Infinite Illusions-the World of Electronic Imagery" Dillon-Ripley Center Sept. 1990

Honolulu Academy Of Arts, Honolulu, Hawaii Artists of Hawaii 1993

Hawaii Pacific University " Cyberart of Friedman and Lovett" 1993

Honolulu Hale (City Hall) Honolulu, Hawaii Computer Art group show with John Dunn, Joan Truckenbrod, Dr. Rod Chang, Nan Love, 1989

Royal-Culture Gallery, Honolulu "First Computer Art Group Show",with Chang, Dowlen, Izumi and Lovett 1985

Soho II Gallery, Honolulu "Computer-Art All Stars" 1987

Covers Honolulu Magazine August 1988

Resident Artist Experimental Graphics Lab, University of Hawaii at Manoa 1987-88

Animation "E-Gallery" Cyberart on television, wins national award for Computer Animaion 1994

Teaching Lecturer, computer art, Honolulu Community College, Honolulu 1986

Teacher, Artist in the Schools Program, D.O.E 1994

Symposia Speaker, "Revolution in the Arts" National Computer Graphics Assocatiion, Anaheim, California 1990

Speaker, "Infinite Illusions" Smithsonian Institution Washington, D.C. 1990

Interviews PBS "Art in the 21st Century" Spectrum Hawaii, KHET Honolulu, Hawaii September 1994

CBS "Cyberart" KGMB news Oct. 23, 1993

Honolulu Magazine, "Computer Art..." August 1988

Honolulu Advertiser, "Island Life" Oct. 18, 1994

Insight Magazine, Oct. 8, 1990, P.43 "Digital Art"

Honolulu Weekly, 3/17/93 "Electric Company"

Software John Dunn Associates, interface design, illustration, alpha testing,& package design, on interactive multi- media authorwar.

Video Producer-Director of award-winning show, "E-Gallery" Electronic FineArts on TV, Sundays @9:00 pm, Ch. 22 Oceanic Cablevision, Honolulu,Hawaii

Business co-creator of Art Universe Incorporated 1995

Recent Works by Larry Lovett and Bernard Moriaz, Art Center Gallery, Hawaii, July 18-August 8, 1997


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