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Webmuseum Cybercolony's Recommended Art Tour of Cyberspace

Visit the selected Websites of great Cyberart!

This virtual art tour has been organized by Webmuseum Cybercolony's  Cyberart Browsing Search Party (CBSP).                 Email- cyberstaff@lastplace.com

Webmuseum Cybercolony is located at   www.lastplace.com

Participation in GREAT!  and Records of Awards is documented in our Webmuseum Cyberculture Research  Library



Art Lives in Cyberspace





- enthusiastic disciple and practitioner of the emerging digital art of Australia; brings a
lifetime of artistic activity, dance experience and creativity to online cyberart efforts



Joan G. Stark's Gallery of Original ASCII Art

jgs98.gif (10491 bytes)


ASCII art started back in the 1960s using typewriter fonts and symbols on paper and now embarks into cyberspace with new digital tools. Come visit among the best of this art medium by an artist who has dedicated years to this means of person expression and whose site is also a fantastic source for more information and Web sources of ASCII art. You can just feel the enthusiasm and love of this Cleveland artist for her art form here!



Las Vegas Art Museum Homepage

Information on exhibitions and membership activities for Las Vegas city museum. Manifesto for the emergence of new art directions for the next millenium by its curator, Dr. James Mann. Concepts also presented on the value of Las Vegas as an important American cultural center of the new century.



Fiely Matias

GIF animator for the Web; includes cute "critters"; works inducted into
Webmuseum Theater, January 1999



Camilla Eriksson

Also known on the Web as "Millan"; GIF animations & other art media; work accepted into the O'Carney Webmuseum Theater; resides in Sweden




Pygoya,  native artist of Hawaii, keeps the light brightly shining for  the mid-Pacific location of the R2001 global art ring network; includes images of Hawaii's winners of past Miss America and Miss Universe contest and archival information on the ring's activities.  




Artist Shanglie Zhou shocked the country when she donned a supermarket's employee uniform  to bag at the checkout counter,  her  plastic wrapped artwork  placed in shopping carts from the meat section . No expiration date for the art.





Established online in 1994, digitalari is one of the first and among the premier Web sites for fine arts digital photography. Current new exhibition is that of Lisa A. Johnston, well-known artist  who evolved from photo-journalism




Kurt Shaw

Wildly abstract art that has chemical and biological associations by a San
Francisco Bay Area artist.




ARTSTORY by Roz Dimon

Roam the fringes of cyberculture within the cerebral hemispheres of New Yorker Roz Dimon; your chance to see an original Dow Jones painting or bid for artwork without a virtual middleman!





Art Discoveries in Cyberspace


You can paint in Cyberspace! @

Java AnfyPaint-The Virtual Gallery
Now you can use a paint program online and send your masterpiece instantly to Italy for consideration of entry into The Virtual Gallery's exhibit; created by Italian digital artist Fabio Ciucci



Ladyhawk's Digital Art Galleries
Elaborate mystical inner vision digital art by Elizabeth Best, also known
as the Web's Ladyhawk




Intriquingly Anonymomma, the animated dancing sexy lady with a bag over her head, leads you deeper and deeper, almost seductively into her Web lair; one-of-a-kind experience on the Web from this mysterious and humorous mothery creative individual of Cyberspace



Dave Archer Gallery

Now visit the online Web site of Dave Archer, famous artist and inventor
of Electric Glass Paintings, created with huge voltage electrical discharges



Duim's Art Gallery

Rick Duim combines his professional programming talent with his creative talents that make us the fortunate recipients of stunning digital art with unique and personal sensitivity. In the words of the artist- One of the things I don't like about a lot of digital art is that it's "cold" looking. I've made a conscious effort to give a more "analog" feeling in my works, and to use warmer and/or vibrant colors to "warm" the scene.





Online exhibitions of Gil Bruvel and Masa Inakage, famous digital
artists of Hawaii and Japan respectively
(January 1998)




Conceptual Web Artist Annette Loudon

Search Engine- try it!

The Posi-Web-join now!

The Gallery

Dear Virtual Reality and "Informtion Superhighway" Hype Merchants

Aesthetic Skitsophrenia and Other Artistic Disorders-artist's statement





A San Francisco Web artist's Alternative Art Web Site sending waves across the Net;
some adult material; JT WINE, Web artist




Robert Downing RCA(Royal Canadian Academy)

Artist-In-Residence, University of Toronto, Dynamic Graphics Project,
exhibited for decades globally, all media including digital art




Carlos Phoenix Art Homepage

Want to see figure rendering as good as DaVinci's? Visit the site of this talented
artist who has been making art since he was 5 years old. A young comic rendering
artist with great potential in his chosen art medium




The Starving Artist's Homepage
aka Carney's Place

Profesionally designed Web site by an artists of over 35 years of experience;
see his new "digital photographics" and a interesting before and after car crash morph





Websites of Artists represented in our Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart


Ute Kersting

I started as an artist working in oil, water color, mixed water color media, charcoal, pencil and guoache. "I picked up the digital computer art and really enjoy the work too." Mood, impulse, energy and theme direct the beginning of each art piece. With evolving forms, shapes and chosen color scheme my painting or images take on a life of their own. Thereafter the viewer later becomes a co-creator. My objective is to provide ever deeper meaning for the participant. Layer by layer and application over application is the procedure of my work.

Born in Germany, I had my basic training at the Academy of Art in Hamburg, later studying in Canada and the USA. I attended the Intensive Seminars and also workshops with well-known instructors. After developing my own style, I still am never satisfied and always strive to grow and explore. Private and commercial collectors have purchased my paintings and images, locally and internationally. In juried shows I have received numerous awards. My Web site will show samples of my newest work in painting as well as in computer art.

Benjamin Britton

Originally working in the field of literature, Benjamin Britton moved into video and computers in the early 80's, creating videotapes and installations, videodiscs, and now is working with interactive digital media as an artform. His principle interests center on the relationship of individuals to their society and on the issue of interactive composition. Britton is presently an Assistant Professor of Electronic Art in the School of Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati, and is engaged in creative research with virtual reality, the Internet, and optical media.



Michael Curtis

As a student, musician and football player at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio, Michael still enjoys dabbling in Bryce when he finds the inspiration. "Baloo's Twin Plateaus" inspired by his favorite childhood cartoon, Tail Spin.




New York City multimedia artist and Cyberatist

"Next Tech" is part of eleven piece series, entitled "The Art of Technology", consisting of mixed media sculpture with the Internet as its subject matter. Sinclair is an active artist in the New York City art scene.



Roz Dimon

This incredibly famous NYC artist spins ongoing tale of art and life ranging from the bathtubs of Soho to the corporate towers of Wall Street. Along the way, she invites you to explore her creative spoofs on American commericialism like "Coke Depression" and Dr. Scholl's, "Not Just a Foot Powder". Cnet.com's ezine, Zeppo, feature art article, "The Digital Paintbrush", starts off with an interview with the artist.



Glenn Southern


When the time came that we have no more air, we took it from nature. Large
crustations that infested the waters of the world used their weed like
fronds to extract what little oxygen the ocean contained. It was only
logical that we should then take it from them. Problems is, natural
selection. Those of us who stayed got so dependent on them that we became
`Very` attatched to each other, and I do mean attatched.


Debbi Germann

The artist is originally from Texas but now resides in the state of Washington. Originally a ceramist she now creates using the computer. An Irish Texan who moved to Bainbridge Island, Washington
4 years ago and discovered the color GREEN!


Dorothy Simpson Krause

Dorothy Krause is a Professor of Computer Graphics at the
Massachusetts College of Art, Corporate Curator for IRIS Graphics,
Inc. and a member of Unique Editions a collaboration of tradigital artist

Artist's Statement about her work in general-

My work is based upon the premise that our similarities are greater than our
differences and that, at this time in history, we are able to transcend our
separateness and to understand, as at no time in the past, our interdependence.
Although I was trained as a painter, I have always been a collage-maker, both in
my art work and in my life, working with what I have and what I find. I use
historical and current images as the source material for my work, enlarging on the
fragmented political, ethical and social meanings they suggest by combining,
layering, manipulating and merging them into provocative statements or questions.



Roman Versotko

Most of Roman's computer art consists of thousands of pen strokes with
only occasional brush strokes. His early computer art includes several paintings like the one above
plotted with paint-brushes rather than ink pens. These works bear a remakable resemblance to
some of his earlier hand-painted work. The "brushing" instructions follow stroke-generating
procedures he composed to achieve a computer simulation of early 20th century automatism. He
viewed these procedures as a form of "computer automatism". The original routine that requested a
brush for each stroke has evolved over the years acquiring more calligraphic features. In 1995
"self-inking" sumi brushes were adapted to fit the plotter's drawing arm so continuous script-like
forms could be achieved .See "Epigenetic Painting: Software as Genotype" , Leonardo 23:1



Founding artist of The Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart; defined criteria for "Cyberart" as found at Webmuseum Cybercolony. The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart of this Web site (www.lastplace.com) documents his work in digital fine art since 1985. Prior to that time the artist worked in painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, mixed media assemblages including a national recognized disco-dental clinic art installation. In 1980 Pygoya received the Ph.D. degree in Art Psychology. Long ago before that, from 1963 to 1968 (during the same heyday of The Beatles), he was the leader of a popular Honolulu rock accordion(!) band.




For review : THE 1997 GREAT!




Cyberartist Chun Xia
innovative works-
"Olive Tree"


Multimedia Cyberart Sinclair Seibert

Web famous Internet- subject matter series from which
"Next Tech" has been inducted into The Rave Webmuseum's
online permanent collection


Andreas Loschner-Gornau

Interesting multi-talented German artist, mixed media including
Internet animation works; "Fish" inducted into Webmuseum Theater


Hiro's Poor Technique Web site

Japanese graphic artist with great sense of humor showcases his new Bryce 2 and Poser
digital artwork in his virtual gallery; primiarily works with the Macintosh


Diane McGregor - Psychic-Cosmic painter extraordinaire

Experience McGregor's sweeping cosmic portal into the deep recesses of human
consciousness. Myth, memory, metaphor and Jung Psychology contribute to the artist's
awe inspiring cerebral yet finely crafted works of art. There is a feeling of timelessness as layer after
layer of paint beckon subliminal discovery of long lost fragments of universal human experience.




- an cyberspace multi-site art  tour over the Internet


The 9th International Sumpoisum on Electronic Art's Revolution 98's selected top 20 websites- with financial support from the European Commission

The folowing projects from around the world represent the wide range of possibilities being explored on the internet right now: from the construction of virtual worlds, inhabited by virtual beings, to the exploration of virtual galleries and magazines.  The websites examine global issues such as the human condition, consumerism, the commodification of art, the potential and limitations of new technology, as well as providing a forum for the discussion of personal concerns such as our fears and hopes for the future. - isea98 catalog

Apsolutno, Yugoslavia - The Absolute Sale

Artworld Anonymous, Hungary - Anonymous

Anne Baker, UK - Scars

Andy Best & Merja Puustinen, Finland - Conversations with Angels

David Bickerstaff, UK - Ubiquity

Andrew Brook, Susan Collins, Elizabeth Getsakis & Graham Gussin, UK & Australia

Shu Lea Cheang, USA - Buy One Get One

Shu Lea Cheang, USA - Brandon

Madge Gleeson, USA - MeMart

Ken Goldberg, USA - The Shadow Server

Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope, UK - An Artist's Impression

Alexei Isaev, Russia - The Revolution

Jodi, Spain - Jodi

Tiia Johannson, Estonia - Words

Tapio Makela & Susanna Paasonen, Finland - Ground

Jose Macas de Carvalho, Portugal - Hotline

Juliet Martin, USA - My Computer Never Thinks of Me

Nelli Rohtvee, Estonia - Net Poetry 2

Nikola Velkov, Macedonia - Revolution, Sabotage and Terror

Leoudaki Zoe, Greece - The Descent of Chimera




- an cyberspace multi-site art  tour over the Internet


First Great! Network Electronic Art Tour- selected links to Web sites selected for The Eight International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA). This first GREAT! networked showcase of electronic art is documented in Webmuseum Cyberculture Research Library. As time passes progressive number of the links below may not work (art projects removed from the Web). The next GREAT! network tour will be posted online January 1, 1998.


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