These are not traditional photographs.  Revolutionary digital photography give brilliant, photo-quality color output from digital image data.  Professional quality photographs are produced using the Fujix Pictrography 3000 Digital Image Printer (by FUJIFILM).

The Pictrography 3000 achieves its excellent color reproduction through a two-step process.  1) A photosensitive donor paper is exposed by laser diodes at levels corresponding to the input image data. Then heat and a small amount of water is applied to create a dye image in the donor paper.  2) The dye image is then  transferred to the receiving paper which looks and feels exactly like quality photographic paper.

Tests show that Pictrography prints are superior to the conventional dye-sublimation print.  That's because the Pictrography performs density modulations for each point of the line scan, so there is no trade -off between gradation and resolution.  Another factor contributing to superior photo-quality results is that Pictrography does a one-pass process of laser diode exposure and thermal dye transfer in the three component colors of yellow, magenta and cyan.  Dye-sub printers transfer dye in three or four-pass process by mechanically moving the ink sheet for each of the yellow, magenta, cyan and black layers.  This makes it hard to maintain print accuracy and leads to color shifts and diffusion.  Print resolution is 400 dpi but visually  is apparent photographic-quality because of this new process of silver halide process combined with LD exposure and Thermal Development and Transfer.

Such a photographic art print (supervised  and inspected by the artist in the commercial lab processing) assures the same permanency of colors as conventional professional photography.  It  is far superior to the color stability of ink jet prints.  Of course, like any other color image,  including conventional fine arts prints such as lithographs, avoidance of constant exposure to bright light extends the color longevity of the print. 

Some professional artists even prefer this output print appearance to IRIS prints.

Information courtesy of Fuji Photo Film co., LTD, 26-30, Nishiazabu 2-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106, Japan

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