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  VRML 3-D virtual reality requires downloading Virtus Player (v3.0), freeware from Virtus Corporation maximizing download speed and graphic quality of VRML .wsb files constructed with Virtus 3-D Website Builder.

System Requirements-
PC/WINDOWS - 386-based or later PC, 8 MB of RAM, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows 95; MACINTOSH/POWER MACINTOSH - any color Macintosh or Power Macintosh, 8 MB of RAM, System 6.0.4 or later

Note: Clicking on the green VRML button takes you to the Lobby of the museum and Cyberists Hall. Currently the elevator and links in Gift Shop, Museum Information Center and The Collector Gallery are inoperable due to Virtus 3D browser software shortcomings. To access these offerings go to TERMINAL VRML. To take the elevator to upstairs art galleries press selections on the ELEVATOR CONTROL PANEL.

Please download Virtus Player now (1.34 MB)

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Pygoya's work is magical
Serge Clapa, Webmaster, Fringe Gallery


WOWWWW!!! I just finished looking through your catalogue. It is just
too cool for words! FANTASTIC!!!!! Very inspirational. Why haven't I seen
your work before?  Ithink you should arrange a touring exhibition of your
works to museums allaround the mainland, then the world.
I am SO IMPRESSED! Know that I am dealing with a creative genius now.
I haven't picked a favorite work yet, there were so many that I liked.
Really didn't see anything that did not immediately strike me as
I feel totally inspired and dedicated to digital art after viewing your catalogue.
Thanks for sending it to me and for all you are doing to promote digital art.

- Nancy Wood, MFA- Houston, Texas, 1998


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