These milk caps, or "pogs" were produced by Rodney Chang under the company name of Slap Caps. The caps participated in the milk cap mania that reemerged in the early 1990s in its origin as a game and collectible in Hawaii, then swept the nation. Chang took ardent interest in creating the new cap designs since he remembered participating in the original invention of the game by Hawaii school children back in the 1950s. The highlight of his contribution to "pog" culture was conceiving actual orignal oil paintings and sculpture, composed of removable milkcaps that could be bought individually. As such, blank circular spaces where left in the remaining artwork!  Purchasers of the caps could then sign their names in such resultant blanks on the works of art, in the spirit of street art. A historic milk cap art exhibition by his Slap Cap Art Group was held at the Arts of Paradise Gallery in the International Market Place in Waikiki, Honolulu in 1993.

During the early 1990s Hawaii frenzy over the new generation milk caps, some of the biggest hits were Rodney Chang's creations. The artist applied his ingenuity to the "medium" of milk caps and offered the market the outrageous first doubleside printed cap-depicting a large cockroach ("drawn by the artist using a live model") and the underside of the bug on the opposite side of the cap. When children played the milk cap game, winning caps stacked by flipping them over with a blow by a hand held cap thrown at the stack, roach caps would go flying. The "dead" ones (displaying the underside) were won by the hitter in an animated and hilarious manner. The average "pog" sold for 25 cents back then but the "2-sided roach" was for sale in packages of two for 9 dollars in some stores. Counterfeited roach caps also emerged in the local people's  markets. The cap was reviewed in the local milk cap publications. In a different vein, the artist was invited to a local radio talk show to be interviewed about the world's most valuable milk cap that he created. The cap, studded with 3 diamonds and a silver staple was made of the standard cap cardboard but had a layer of 18K gold. The one-of-a-kind cap is documented in Slammers, Stacks & Hitters, A Collector's Guide to Milk Bottle Caps by Alam Woog of Puffin Books (1995)-

a publication by The Penguin Group, New York, 1995


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Besides the Pygoya designed milk caps, some other "art caps" produced by the Slap Cap group are included here for milk cap enthusiasts. These caps had the reputation locally as among the best designed products offered to the new generation of children playing the game and to avid cap collectors.

Item No. 1, " Pygoya Caps" (Set of 5 caps by Rodney Chang, 1993)

Item No. 2, "Stampac Set" -Set of 4 Stampac (the still in operation, Canadian original milk cap manufacturer) designed by Slap Caps Company, includes "Disco Doc" cap given by Dr. Chang to patients (nicknamed "the Disco Doc" on national television in 1979)

Item No. 3, "Bug Collection"- The Bug Collection, Hawaii's first doublesided milkcaps conceived by Rodney Chang. When first introduced during the 1993 "pog" renaissance in Hawaii , a pair of the "Roach Cap" sold for $9 a pair in a retail store chain. An autographed set went for $20 at sportscard and milkcap weekend shows.

Item No. 4, "Have A Nice Day" -"Have A Nice Day" by Slap Caps, 1993

Item No. 5, " World's Most Valuable Milkcap"- The one-of-a-kind gold, silver & diamond milkcap reviewed in the above Penguin book, local Hawaiian cap hobby magazines and the subject of a local radio talk show interview with its creator, Rodney Chang.