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BBC Multimedia Centre - multimedia applications in British broadcasting

Discovery Channel Online

Tweak - ezine with its own multimedia style

Sports Illustrated - expect the best in multimedia design and application from an expensive periodical

U.S. News and World Report Online - includes audio and visual archives and Chat Infobank

IGuide - uses interactive and multimedia elements to review ezines on the Web; crossword puzzles

MMMM - free public domain animations


Art Net Web

Contract Consortium - general resource for 3D needs

Newspager- Interactive Media & Multimedia news

Newsworks - huge network of American newspapers

Lotman's Animation Art Collection - way back to present

ISEA97- The Eighth International Symposium on Electronic Art

Basic Digital Survival Platform

NCSA Audio Development Group

Center for Advanced Inquiry into the Interactive Arts

Space imagery


Library of space photos

The Astronomy Cafe - making the cosmos accessible to the layperson

Ocean Planet -Smithsonian touring exhibit of marine life and ecology

St. Louis Science Center

Science Museum of Minnesota

The Freud Museum

Cloning: A Special Report

The Visible Embryo

Live From Antarctica 2

Resources for Web Goddesses

Pursuing Page Publishing

The Obsolete Computer Museum

Bob's Computer Museum

The Web Magazine Online

Forbes Magazine

Classical Midi Archives

The Midi World Tour


The Why Files- the science behind the news, funded by the National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation

Event Seeker- internatinal events schedules and searches

New Age Mall

Crystals of the World

License Plates of the World

AICS Virtual Campus - B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science online

The First Museum of Cyberspace


The Exploratorium

Scientific American

Smithsonian Magazine

The Discovery Channel Online

ESPNET SportsZone

Alt.Culture Books


New York Times on the Web:Books

Aereal Instant VRML Home World - links to a multitude of VRML Web sites, including Webmuseum Cybercolony

Beaniemania - children's site with great use of multimedia