As the collage technique replaced oil paint, the cathode ray tube will replace the canvas. - Nam June Paik

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ASCII by Lorrie

Anathenian's Infinite Space of Imagination - David Mark, South African graphic artist

Campus, Roberto

Dale Copeland - New Zealand artist

Christopher Bruzzi- digital artist with interesting Pointillism Using Digital Stamp

Craner, Matthew

D'Amelio, Vince

Danes, Claire

Fractllusions - by Georg Carlson; among the very best for fractal fine art

Gagne, Stefan

Hargraves, David

Henk Jansen- Australian artist and member of Cyberart Ring (1999)

Graphix Jungle - by Ian Rossenrode, graphics by the artist who resides in South Africa

Jim Leftwich - Cyberport Desktops for downloading

Lou Majors - taught artist who has been painting since 1984. The painter strives for emotional
intensity and figurative originality.

Denise Marika - resume of Massachusetts cyberartist

Laurie McRobert - A computer-based art exhibit that I was immersed in personally, Osmose during the International Symposium on Electronic Art held in Montreal

Udi Millis - web site designer and digital artist residing in Netanya, Israel; uses Photoshop Pro

Rinaldo Nani - Italian language art site

3D_Greg's Page - Greg Cook of South Africa; 3D scenes and architectural imagery

Harry Palmer

Karmen's 3D Gallery - South African digital artist

Rev It Up! - cutting edge creativity in design of digital media

Samoleg Art Gallery - Oleg Kouvaev's site includes painting, graphics, sculpture including some in virtual reality

Scotti, Jim

Jan Shima - paintings with Hawaiian wildlife including rare native birds, graduate of University of Michigan.

Kevin Sullivan -3rd Shift GIFs graphics and animations Web site

Keith Wigdor - abstract and surreal digital artworks