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Alfred Adler Institute of San Francisco

Hours spent on Internet add to depression, stress (AP)

Artistic Representations of Cyberspace -Cyberspace atlas history; The conceptions and representations of Cyberspace created by artists in literature, art, computer games, films and television have a powerful influence on how we perceive these new spaces.

Roy Ascott -The Architecture of Cyberception

A Student Report- Jami Kaneshiro, University of Hawaii

Colors of the Net - by Kytom L., German artist and scientist

In Colors of the Net I use the thumbnails of a large search engine to give associative and artistic answers to questions such as the following:

Purpose of the project

In the section „pictures“ of this search engine I entered nothing but the name of a color: black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, white, yellow. I used the English names as to date the net is dominated by this language. Of the results, I used the first 64 thumbnails which link to pictures on different servers for my project.

This selection is not representative. Nonetheless, it is characteristic as it works with the graphic material which the user finds when he employs such a search engine.
The images found (a certain fuzziness of the pictures is quite intended) are assembled into a mosaic for each color.

CMC Studies Center

- This Web site is dedicated to serving the needs of researchers, students, teachers, and practitioners interested in the study of human communication via computers. This field of study is called Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC). People interested in CMC study a range of phenomena--from the dynamics of group communication in Usenet news articles to how people use hypertext to shape meaning. The CMC Studies Center helps people share information, make contacts, collaborate, and learn about developments and events.

The Contact Consortium was born out of CONTACT: Cultures of the Imagination, a fifteen year old organization which has engaged anthropologists, space scientists, fiction writers and others in pioneering exercises simulating human contact with other intelligences. The Contact Consortium was formed to become a focus for the theme of human culture and contact in digital space.

Cyber-Psych- professional psychological care online

CyberPsy 409a, University of Hawaii, Student Conclusions/Generation 5



Cyberpsychology: Principles of Creating Virtual Presence

John December-Bibliography of articles on Computer-Mediated Communication

Effects of Mood States on Social Judgments in Cyberspace: Self Focused Sad People as the Source of Flame Wars by Storm A. King

Electric Communities

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) -Leon James, PhD


Galaxy:Psychology-section of Galaxy Web Guide for Professionals; many subdisciplines covered makes site good for research needs

Robert Genn - "Know-Nothing Zones" of painting; Painter's Keys, 12711 Beckett Rd., Surrey,
B.C., Canada, V4A 2W9.

Human Becomes Electric: The Basic Psychological Features of Cyberspace

iVALS - In this internet values survey you can compare your online attitudes and preferences to the rest of the Internet. Find out how your values and lifestyles compare to the rest of the US (John Shuler, PhD)

Internet Philosophy and Psychology-Alan Sondheim


Leon James, PhD- Professor of Psychology, University of Hawaii-Manoa, course/writings in Cyberpsychology

Light as Therapy? - does this suggest creating art using digital light according to the artist's sense of harmony and balance also provides therapy for the artist?

MOO/MU* Document Library

Simply Spiritual Online - gifted spiritual counselors clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient and ESP. We specialize in comprehensive information on dream interpretation, past life regression, reincarnation & prophecy that will enable you to self heal through intuitive insights involving Karma & Dharma.

The Saptakam project of digital artfields-by Dr. Hans-Georg Türstig
Saptakams and digital artfields liberate single images and artists from their individual isolation. Furthermore they significantly contribute to global understanding and transcultural exchange which could very well become the basis for a lasting peace here on our home planet. (See also my article net-art as art-net -

Net Isolation article - February 2000; Stanford University study on effect of Internet use and social interaction

NetPsy - Internet Psychology-This mailing list is a forum for the discussion of the psychological and psychotherapeutic services delivered via all aspects of the Internet. This list is conceived of as a forum for psychologists and mental health workers interested in discussing the interactions, problems, and disorders arising out of the use of the Internet; as well as the treatments developing to treat existing and developing disorders via the Internet Must suscribe.

PsychNet- resouce site by the American Psychological Association

Barbara Rauch -Dream States/Web Site Planet Dreaming

Elizabeth M. Reid-Cultural FormationsVirtual Realities; Introduction:Virtual Reality--Imagined Space

Elizabeth M. Reid- Electropolis: Communication and Community on Internet Relay Chat

James Sempsey, online articles and listing of Cyberpsychology

John Suler, Ph.D.-Getting Hold of Cyberpsychology

The Web's Experimental Psychology Lab - participation in test/surveys welcomed

George Woollard - on collaboration among artists, exerpts from newspaper interview

Randy Thurman - concept of the trangular connection among artist, viewer, and the artwork


John Suler, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Rider University
- leading writer and researcher on Cyberpsychology, Department of Psychology, Rider University

(Permission has been granted by Dr. Suler to "mirror" this page here)

Papers by John Suler,PhD-


The Psychology of Cyberspace-Storm King

The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

The Presentation of Self in Electronic Life - An article by Hugh Miller from Nottingham Trent University

The Virtual Community-online book on Cyberculture and cybrpsychology by Harold Rheingold

Sherry Turkle's Home Page. SHERRY TURKLE'S BOOK -

Life on the Screen:
Identity in the Age of the Internet

Stare Down Sally-now an excuse to just stare at the screen; now that's cyberculture acculturation!