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"There is no there there." -- Gertrude Stein


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3D Pygoya Museums - 2002 update new museums for original 1997 vrml galleries of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum of; "3D Website Builder" was used in 1997 and "Internet Space Builder" of Russian origin is used for the 2002 additions, optimized for quicker low band downloading from the Internet

India Documentary of Electronic Arts - Since January 2000, this has taken the form of a six-monthly CD-gazette we call The IDEA (Indian Documentary of Electronic Arts), which is distributed free to about 1,000 identified e-artists and related individuals/organizations around the world. - Art & Technology

Astroadvice - New Age


24 Hours in Cyberspace edited by Rick Smolan & Jennifer Erwitt

Ad Nauseam

AnthroFuturism - Steve Mizrach


Artistic Representations of Cyberspace -Cyberspace atlas history; The conceptions and representations of Cyberspace created by artists in literature, art, computer games, films and television have a powerful influence on how we perceive these new spaces.

Australian Humanities Review

Cyberpunk Project-Cyberpunk in Arts-Cyberpunk has also inspired many artists. The Cyberpunk art is considered free minded and there was no place for scruples, when talking about cyberpunks behind the computer or the drawing board. The erotic mixture of technology and art tickled the deep-inside-cyberpunk artists to creativity. Some cyberpunk art sites-A Cyberpunk Art Gallery -By the Moscow Cyberpunk Club; misery: VII Great graphics by misery; Cyberpunk Art Gallery- Small cyberpunk art gallery by Kabir Fernandez; Morpheus Blue- Small cyberpunk art gallery by aoi303. References-Definition and Description of Cyberart -Or, the Virtual Art of Webism. By Pygoya


Bite -ezine

Bitsifter Digest


Burtz Virtual Atelier

Brainstorms, Harold Rheingold

Postmodern Culture

The human race, 2001 - a newspaper article



Captain Internet -in Hebrew, Internet critic

CBooks Express - Cyberculture book list

Center for the Study of Online Community

Center of  - a portal web "homepage" that has links to all of Pygoya's creative Web projects

Center for Digital Art

Civic Networks: Building Community on the Net-Scott London, 1997

City of Bits-William J. Mitchell, 1995

Communities in Cyberspace

Communities On-line: Community-Based Computer Networks-Anne Beamish, 1995

Computers & Texts

Computer Underground ("Peripheral Items Culled From Web Journeys -by The Seeker)

Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine

Computing in the Humanities Working Papers

Cool Life of the Moment

Corporation for National Research Initiatives (Digital Libraries Research)

Crash Site

Cruel Site of the Day


Culture in Cyberspace - weekly guide

Cyber Culture Magazine

Cyber: Technology and Culture

Cyberanthropology-David Belson

Cyberculture - references

Cyberpoet-John Frost


Cybersphere -in French on Cyberculture

Cybertown-interactive virtual city

Daily Phil Bailey Show, The -daily commentary on the Web and the world

Dave Barry in Cyberspace by Dave Barry

Digital Cult

Digital Media on the Web

Digitale Stedeling

Disco Cyberdancing

Doors of Perception - site of Amsterdam organization that studies e-culture

E-zine List - by John Labovitz, Web site devoted to tracking e-zines, nearly 1,700 titles in June 1997 - virtual reality 3D online cemeteries, founded first on the Internet in 2002; affiliated with and - Concept developed by Pygoya with a database and search engine for world obituraries, with Memorial Pages, Flash and VRML cemeteries available for creative, supplemental or alternative memorials honoring the memory of the deceased using the Internet; established 2002; project development initiated in 1999.

Electric Minds

Electronic Democracy Toolkit-Howard Rheingold, 1994

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture


Encouraging Cyberculture - Roger Clarke, 1997

Fall '96 Social Studies of Cyberspace Colloquium Series

Feed  Cyberculture magazine

Film & History

Foundation for Digital Culture - cosponsored by New York City's Museum of Modern Art; digital art issues among New Yorkers

Generation in Circuit -ezine for computer generation

Geocities-online virtual community, free homepages; here sampling of residents interested in "Cyberculture", 4/18/07; accessed rate of still operable sites gives indication of virtual resident turnover in this largest virtual community in the world (over 500,000; April 1997)

Giant Robot-hip Asian American ezine


Hackers : Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy

Haven Web Site



InterFace Magazine

International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences

International WWW Schools Registry

Island Web

Journal of MUD Research

Managing the Virtual Commons: Cooperation and Conflict in Computer Communities-Peter Kollock & Marc Smith, 1994



MESH, The - Inside Cyberspace

Modern_Primitives - by Steve Mizrach, UCLA

Negroponte's "Being Digital"

Net Isolation article - February 2000; Stanford University study on effect of Internet use and social interaction


Netscan- Marc Smith, ULCA


Other Cyberpsychology Resources - by Dr. Suler, researcher in Cyberpsychology

PC Roadkill by Michael Hyman


Planet Direct

Postmodern Culture

Papermag New York Cyberguide

Pezdeth Anti-Technology Forum


Psychology Website Listing- by Bernard Tremblay

Quintessenz - Pygoya's dabbling in vrml cyber-residences, pilot Suburbia in the Country project in 2002 was first vrml online presence of his concept on "living on the Web in virtual 3D"

Resource Center For Cyberculture Studies

Restructuring the City: Thoughts on Urban Patterns in the Information Society-Ken Friedman, 1966

Revista Transmidia -Cyberculture, from Brazil


Salon - Table Talk

SAonline - a new cyberzine for online literary and visual art culture; Yolanda- 

Seeker1's CyberAnthropology Page.

Sex, Laws, and Cyberspace by Jonathan Wallace and Mark Mangan

Sherry Turkle

Silicon Dreams


S098: Sociology of Cyberspace Web Site

Social Norms and Implications of Santa Monica's PEN (Public Electronic Network) -Kevin McKeown, 1991

Sociology in Cyberspace-Links


Spiritweb-New Age

Spanker, The




Suburbia in the Country - an experimental concept to offer 3D homes on the Internet to simulate a virtual neighborhood of real neighbors and a community with functional interactivities; conceived by Pygoya

Suck Cyberculture magazine

sugar tray

t@p RANT

Talk City- create your own IRC chatroom there

Technology and  Transgression-by Steve Mizrach

The Popular Culture Library-historical information on American 19th and 20th Century pop culture; any Web cybercultural studies included as a new late 20th Century American cultural trend?; from the library section of Bowling Green State Univeristy in Ohio

Theory and Culture  

Tired -about Great Britain and the Internet

The Center for Anthropology Communications

The Digitization of Culture

The Internet and Global Usenet Computer Networks

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab/Brain Opera

The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

The Network Nation Revisited-David Belson, 1994

The Palace -Homepage, 3D chatrooms/avatars

The Virtual City

The Virtual Community by Howard Rheingold: Table of Contents

The WELL Gopher: Cyberculture-Harold Rheingold

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Anthropology

Tools for Thought by Howard Rheingold: Table of Contents

Towards an Anthropology of Internet Communities: Bibliography

Towne Square 2000 - free homepage by U.S. Robotics

Tripod - online community, free homepage

Universal Translator Deluxe - claims cross-multilanguage translations, 33 languages

University of Alaska Anchorage: Information Age Communication

University of Evansville: World Cultures 101

Usenet - alt.ezines

Virtual Communities: Abort, Retry, Failure?- Jan Fernback & Brad Thompson

Voices from the WELL: The Logic of the Virtual Commons-Marc A. Smith, 1992

Wall Street Journal Personal Technology Column

Web Site Awards - enter your site for a Webby Award!

Webhippie Cyberzine

Webstock Cyberculture Experience

What is Art, including Web Art - Web Art Short Cuts - leading edge web site design at 2003

Wired Women : Gender and New Realities in Cyberspace edited by Lynn Cherny and Elizabeth Reba Weise

Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet by Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon



Work in Progress

Yolk - online magazine version of GenerAsian Nex

Zeno's forensic page - wonderful art search engine with many sites cybertravelers may otherwise miss!