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Perhaps you are, like me, intererested in the impact of anthropology and high technology - a new subdiscipline I call AnthroFuturism. Or you consider cyberculture to be a real entity, deserving of the scrutiny of CyberAnthropology. Perhaps you have stopped to consider the intersections of Haitian Voudoun and the Matrix, and thus have faced The Ghost in the Machine. Or the significance of the end of the era of print and the sociocultural manifestations it gave birth to, and thus wonder about the coming New Gutenberg Galaxy. Maybe at some point you have encountered the growing "computer underground," and have stopped to consider Cyberpunk as Counterculture. Or how some of the New Media are fostering a new era of Culture Jamming. Undoubtedly, in this era of archaic revivals, you do puzzle over the phenomena of Modern Primitives.

Indeed, on occasion, you wonder whether it might not be worthwhile to swerve off the Infobahn or stop to ponder about the media and the manufacture of consent in our society. You consider the multiple shifting realities of our society and consider turning to Philip K. Dick, Cyberpunk for guidance. Or as an observer of the GenX phenomenon, you wonder if there is not a Slacker Manifesto. Certainly you wonder if there is a difference between the old and new hackers. And if you can attain new insights on evolution and entropy through TechGnosis.

For a summing up, of sorts, peruse Technology and the Transgressive Impulse , which might be the thread which holds this page together, for me anyway.

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