The painful crawl at which digital art must arrive, however, highlights the fact that art on the Internet is not a thing, it is a condition; a conceptual place for aesthetic ideas to unfold and be communicated - Ben Davis, The Getty Information Institute

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911 Gallery - vrml, many links to other great virtual environment art; link to Silicon Graphics VRML browser (Cosmos Player)

Wonderfully Absurb Temple - 3D baby Budda

Lanny Ray Quarles- great 3D digital art; The Department of Web Ecology;

Koji Ito- Web Avant-Garde artist

DVK Art Gallery- digital art from Russia; very slow downloading; Russian language only

The Department of Web Ecology - Lanny Ray Quarles

Pulse-Time by Neil Zusman's Shockwave site with Marcomedia experiments

Ada Web's Projects

Alternative Realities in Art and Thought - Virtual Cultural Art Center - includes adult art; claims 2000 visitors a day

The Collective Memory Place - interactive architectural/association creation by Selena Lin

ART389A Internet Art - an college art course on Web art

artcon Projects - Rutgers cyberart course

Cyberart at iEAR - cyberart college course - includes "Peepingtom" interactive cyberartistic experience

filter - cyberart center

dotcomgallery - recommended must see by NYC digital artist Roz Dimon

ASCI - Art and Screen Collaborations, Inc.

code - artnetweb, good source for digital art

cyberart readings - section in "filter"

cyberart links - section in "filter"

Art II (Cyberart:threads)- articles on cyberart

Bob's Art - links to cyberart and other contemporary art media

911 Gallery-features digital artists

Silicon Gallery - digital art, multimedia

Securityland - interactive Web page

911 Media Arts Center - online art project


Lavarand-SGI site of random numbers for lava lamps

Chip Shots - abstract art from microphotographs of microprocessors for viewing on the Web

Perceptual Robotics Inc. - "Spy Cam"-Web browsers control surveillance cameras over telephone lines; Chicago locations; Big Brother could be watching...

The Refrigerator Art Contest - winning work posted on cyber-refridge for a week

Exploring Chaos and Fractals

Free Cloud's Fractal Land

Fractint WWW Pages- Fractint is the best-known fractal-image-generating program and it's free

The Mandelbrot/Julia Set Generator Page

Entropy8 - multi-award winning Web artist Auriea Harvey of New York City; lst recipient of the Webmuseum Cybercolony Web Site Excellence Award (August 28, 1997)

William Truong

Aereal Instant VRML Home World - can't get enough VRML? Get lost in here for months!

Black Hole of the Web-"WARNING: Do Not Enter!"

N*Gen Interactive - cited by author Jason Teague in "Web Art" article as contemporary Web art

MkzaK2.0 - cited by author Jason Teague in "Web Art" article as contemporary Web art

Auria Harvey - cited by author Jason Teague in "Web Art" article as contemporary Web art

Woozy - cited by author Jason Teague in "Web Art" article as contemporary Web art

adaWeb - cited by author Jason Teague in "Web Art" article as contemporary Web artists

Visual Arts and Cyberspace - from Brown University sources

Chris Kawalek -garnered many Web site awards, including ours; Latin quotes!

Yuji Furusawa -"Farawia", Japan based computer artist

"WEB ART"- by Jason Teague for's ScreenLife column

Digital Satellite Photographs-"inspiration for today's Internet artists", declassified documents by the US government

The Most Wanted Paintings on the Web - interesting survey by Kowar and Melamid on international artistic tastes, including the composite Web community and individual nations of China, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Kenya, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the USA

HyperFuzzy- hyperart; put on your 3D glasses before entering this site!


Documenta X

Technology in the 1990s


Muntadas On Translation


RGB Gallery-Web inspired art

The Simulator


AlexWarp Java site - go ahead and warp famous faces here

Japanese Cool Sites

Adventures in Cyberspace- Fine Arts and Photography

Dennis Orlando - Philadelphia, PA