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Culture in Cyberspace - weekly review of art Web sites

Culture Shock - by New York University grad students

The Scriberazone - e-magazine for poetry and other writings by editor Peter Johnson and staff; features Pygoya art for "covers"

Art Space/CyberCulture Symposium-Digital Village

Sabine- arts and literary e-magazine where artists can apply for exhibiting in magazine

Portraits In Cyberspace-interactive artists Web project

At Home with Joan's Truckenbrod's Everyday Family

Enterzone - a cultural literary ezine

Other Voices - IBM's online review of ezines

Bingo Zone - play online bingo free all day for cash prizes; chat with other dedicated bingo virtual residents

Cybernetics & Systems Research - theories and metaphors of Cyberspace

The Journal of Contemporary Art

"Human side of Sojourner"- exerpt from an article by Ellen Goodman, a Boston-based writer on modern social issues

Confession Booth -listen in

Baby Boomers Homepage - the '60s alive and well on the Web

Family Games! of course Cyberculture includes fun & games!

Facade - virtual fortune telling

Internet Mall - what would Cyberculture be without some shopping malls! 27,000 stores for your browsing pleasure

Virtual Emporium - not enough? here's another 160 secure shops including Disney Store and Saks Fifth Avenue

World Cultures-online access to knowledge of world cultures

Critical Theory on Cyberspace and Virtual Reality - from Brown University

Webnoize - weekly news on musical "cyber-happenings"

The Head Shop-visitors alternate heads and bodies

Tombtown-virtual cemetery

Writ in Water -photos of famous graves

Telegarden - use robotic arm and plant seeds and manage real garden in Austria

3D Riddle- combines 3D stereograms with riddles

Tripod- virtual community of around 400,000 in mid 1997; free 2MB homepage; X-Generation oriented

Geocities-virtual community of over 1/2 million homepages sectioned into about 30 different "cities" by interests; free 2 MB homepages; all ages

AOL - over 8 million suscribers in mid 1997


Resource Center Cyberculture Studies - Links
Sites & Synergies

Cyberspace Policy Institute
Electronic Theses and Dissertations in
the Humanities
MCS: the media and communications
Media Futures Archive
Theory, Culture & Society Centre
The Psychology of Cyberspace
Voices from the Interface: The New
Media and the New Humanism

Papers & Essays


Marla Gerein, Gender & Technology in
Canadian Women's History
Jonathan Lillie, Possible Roles for
Electronic Community Networks and
Participatory Development Strategies in
Access Programs for Poor
Neighborhoods and his thesis, Cultural
Uses of New, Networked Internet
Information and Communication
Technologies: Implications for US
Latino Identities


Roger Clarke, Encouraging Cyberculture
Steven Clift, Building Citizen-based
Electronic Democracy Efforts
Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Lines for a
Virtual T/y/o/pography
Scott London, Civic Networks: Building
Community on the Net
Mark Sample, Desire Dot Com: An
Inquiry into the Flow of Desire Online
Karla Tonella, Digital Media: Hypertext,
Cybernetics, Cyborgs and Virtual
UCLA Online Institute for Cyberspace
Law and Policy, Cyberspace Law


Jonathon S. Epstein and Patrick Lichty,
"Cybertheory": Mapping the Multimedia
Terrain of Postmodern Society
David Golumbia, Hypercapital
Ken Friedman, Restructuring the City:
Thoughts on Urban Patterns in the
Information Society


Anne Beamish, Communities On-line:
Community-Based Computer Networks
Joshua A. Fruhlinger, Escape To
Cyberia: Subcultures as Agents of
William J. Mitchell, City of Bits
Tim Rohrer, Conceptual Blending on the
Information Highway: How do
Metaphorical Inferences Work? and
Metaphors We Compute By: Bringing
Magic into Interface Design


Mark S. Ackerman, Metaphors along the
Information Highway
David Belson, The Network Nation
Michael and Ronda Hauben, Netizens:
On the History and Impact of Usenet
and the Internet
Peter Kollock & Marc Smith, Managing
the Virtual Commons: Cooperation and
Conflict in Computer Communities
Howard Rheingold, Electronic
Democracy Toolkit
David Woolley, PLATO: The Emergence
of On-Line Community

On-line Journals

American Communication Journal
Computers & Texts
Computer-Mediated Communication
Cybersociology Magazine
Educom Review
Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture
Enculturation: An Electric Journal for
Cultural Studies & Theory
Film & History
Intelligent Agent
The Journal of Computer-Mediated
Journal of MUD Research
Kairos: A Journal For Teachers of
Writing in Webbed Environments
M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture
MediaCulture Review
Postmodern Culture
Rhetnet: A Cyberjournal of Rhetoric and

BusinessWeb - CompuServe's Web-design resource to assist in design and maintaining a Web site

Magicmazes - get lost on your screen

Crossword of the Day

Enigma- 9 square "image shuffling puzzle toy for the Web"

An Autobiography of a Digital Man -personal "homepage" of professional Web writer and publisher Jason Teague

World Village - a cyberfish tank of fish produced and maintained by artificial intelligence software

Cyber Culture Magazine - Mars, Aliens, Roswell

Angkor Wat Internet: Cambodian Cyber Culture

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
LINGUIST List 8.795: German speech errors, Cyberculture site

Thailand: SiamWEB Cyber Culture Homepage



Cyberpub Discussion: Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Cultures and Groups:Cyberculture:Magazines

Timothy Leary's Cyberculture   

Daily bLink--Read All About It  

Ronin Books | Chaos & Cyberculture  

Pierre Lévy   


Voice of the Shuttle: Cyberculture Page
Denver Post Online: Lifestyles
Voice of the Shuttle: Cyberculture Page  

Meilleurs sites CYBERCULTURE

Escape Velocity: Cyberculture at the end of the Century  

Voice of the Shuttle: Cyberculture Page

Chaos and Cyberculture

Technoscience and Cyberculture  

HandiLinks To Usenet - Cyberculture

WHAT *IS* FUTURECULTURE? A Manifesto on the Here-and-Now Technocultural

BBR Review: "One of Your Sculptures is Walking Down 57th Street!"  

CSTT, Keele University: STOT Resources Cyberculture

Gopher Log Analyzer 3.3 Fri Oct 1 to Fri Dec 31 87337 Connections Data

1 W@rld Books - Cyber Culture  

HotWired: Renaissance - Books  

NewsTracker Sci-Tech

Industrial Meditations 


ISPO Archives: Cyberculture Studies

Thunder Road: Projects
Spektakel und kritische Posen

Parsons' Consulting: Cyberculture, Computers & Society

Net-Tribes - Future Culture Manifesto

Bubble Manifesto  

Chaos & Cyberculture  

Australian PC World - Accelerating to Escape Velocity

Mumbai Central - Site Index:Community:Cyberculture  

Electronic Media  

SiamWEB Cyber Culture: Pop's Friends page Here's my latest addition

CS Community





Electronic Newsstand Magazine Listings: Cyber Culture

Recommended CyberCulture Books!  

Hacking and Cyberculture   

Mike Gilson's Adventures in Cyberculture


The Changing of the Guard

As cyberculture matures, will 'Wired' be left dangling?  


Kalí Tal--"African American Critical Theory and Cyberculture"  

Welcome to CYBERCULTURE   

CyberLord Gateway  

Roger Clarke's 'Encouraging CyberCulture'
Offset Online: the missing link -- Cyberculture


Timothy Leary: Chaos & Cyberculture (intro)  

Journal of Communications Inquiry  

Mark/Space: Anachron City: Library: Biographs: Mark Dery

Yahoo! in Asia - Entertainment:Science Fiction, Fantasy

Escape Velocity: Cyberculture at the End of the Century  

T. Marks' Cybercommunity Bookmarks  

Rushkoff: Electronica Is a True Cyberculture  


Honors Humanities II Home Page
artists in cyberculture - Ethics and Political Correctness  

Denver Post Online: Lifestyles

Cyberculture Luxembourg

CNET features - Net books - cyberculture

Interview with Dr. Timothy Leary, September 1995
Tour on Community Resources

Dossier Cyberculture  

fmf-cyber: culture   

Cyber Culture

CyberPunk REsearch Labs

Roger Clarke's 'Encouraging CyberCulture'  

MICROSOFT START: l'annuaire internet intelligent

The DEATH of CyberCulture

Internet Studies
Nick Gessler's Home Page of Artificial Culture and Cyberculture  

thesite: On Cyberculture  

Asia Resources: Courses  


Cyber Culture  

American Cyberculture
Welcome to my Cyber CultureŠ  

Cyberculture Comes to the Americas 

Literary Journals and Zines

Yahoo! JAPAN - Society and Culture:Cyberculture:Net Legends

CounterCulture, CyberCulture & Individual Expression  

Mark/Space: Anachron City: Library: Glossary: cyberpunk

A Selection: Web Editions of Dead Tree (Paper) Publication

McKenzie Wark HES columns Cultural Studies Media Cyberculture  

Rushkoff: Electronica Is a True Cyberculture
Netropolitan Life   

Las Vegas Art Museum Homepage
MSN Start: guide internet intelligent  

Culture Political Science Alien Dean Conspiracy Cyber Culture Political

Innovations in Higher Education  

Questions about Cyberculture  

Mind Books Title
Timothy Leary-Chaos and Cyberculture   

Library, Fort Lewis College -- Computers: Culture 

Internet Studies


Engl 411/511. Computers and English: Book List  

Digital Culture: Bibliography  

Jaron Lanier : Interview   



Key Sources:Part 2  

Enculturation: Article by Charles Stivale  

IAT Infobits (Institute for Academic Technology) 

Surf Point - Computer & Internet:Cyberculture  

Computers & Texts 12: Editorial  

BRANCHEZ-VOUS sur le Web - Hyper100

The Information Society -- World Wide Web

Ronin Publishing: Visions


Books Related to Cyberculture

MetroActive | CyberScape

University 302 - Molly Dolan, Sanjit Ganguli, Shalini Jain, Lisa Thomas

Studio Dragon Welcome  

Cities:Mountain View:Community:Cyberculture

Cyberpunk - terminal Chic? By Nathan Cobb THE BOSTON GLOBE

Phoenix DataNet - Explore - Magazines - Cyberculture  

Wired Online: Brain Tennis

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
Goals and Requirements 

Sopheap Suy Cambodia Page   

Technology Meets Art
Cyberspace and the New World 'Other'
CSTT, Keele University: STOT Resources   

Resources for French Langauge and Literature
anthro-l: december-1994: Re: SoCalic Biophobia  

thesite: Doug Rushkoff   

SimLinks - Tietokoneet & Internet   

Electronic Media Catalog

Michael Salvucci's Study