Press on any "Teleport" signage with  RED TEXT  to bypass manual (mouse) navigation.

This takes you to the described major destination in the site. To save downloading time, after visiting the destination, you may need to again use the Teleport system to return to your exploration of the site.  An alternative is to use your browser's  "BACK" to get back quickly to navigational tools already in your computer's cache.

Important naviagational note: If you use the teleport, you MUST use the teleport again to return to where you where is 3D virtual reality, the usual vrml navigational tools are disenabled to cut down on reloading downloading time. Also, sorry to say, given today's level of Internet VRML capacity, clicking on a 2D text signs in the museum spaces brings up HTML pages which may not take you back to the exact museum spot that  you left to see the 2D pages. So, for the most realistic virtual reality experience, don't click on any signs during your initial tour of the museum site.  Instead,  complete  your "walking" tour throughout the premises, then click to go to regular HTML pages with specific information. Press  your browser's "Back" to get back to virtual space.